Coronavirus latest: US reports new Sunday record for cases despite holiday lag

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Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, has thrown a £1.5bn lifeline to Britain’s struggling theatres, music venues and museums, as he prepares to set out plans to avert a Covid-19 unemployment crisis.

Donald Trump has set out plans for a large campaign rally in New Hampshire, even as public health officials warn Americans to avoid big gatherings to slow the spread of coronavirus.

London’s Canary Wharf is preparing for the return of up to three-quarters of its workforce following the relaxation of social-distancing rules. The financial district has enforced one-way routes, limits on lift capacity and regular cleaning. As of last week, about 7,000 of its 120,000 workers had returned, about double this time last month.

Mitsubishi Corporation, one of Japan’s most active and aggressive dealmakers for more than a century, will impose a one-in, one-out policy toward acquisitions as coronavirus prompts a historic strategic shift.

Confidence in London’s property market has been shaken by the pandemic and, post-lockdown, data from property portals show that buyers are increasingly searching for homes in suburbia or further afield.

About a dozen UK universities could be at risk of insolvency because of the coronavirus pandemic, with a potential drop in the number of students and mounting pension liabilities leaving the sector facing an unprecedented financial crisis.

Greece’s prime minister has said he will not accept strict EU conditions on the use of coronavirus emergency aid, in a sign of the difficult negotiations ahead for the bloc’s leaders on its proposed €750bn recovery fund.

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