Coronavirus: Zimbabwe allows ‘low risk’ sports with immediate effect – BBC News

Spectators will be allowed at sport events – but only up to 50 people

Sports such as athletics, golf, tennis and motorsport are now permitted in Zimbabwe from 0800-1630 after being classified as “low risk” by the government.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has classified sports into three categories – low, medium and high risk – and the low risk ones can be participated in with immediate effect.

However, in practice low-risk events can only proceed once all competitors are tested, so they will not begin straight away. Horse racing may begin on Friday, the BBC’s Steve Vickers in Harare reported.

Sport in Zimbabwe, as in most African countries, has been suspended since March to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The key to allowing a sport to resume has been the level of contact, so football and rugby are not on the approved list.

Nor is cricket – which last week appeared on a list of those classified low-risk. That appears to have been premature.

The list of low-risk sports is: swimming, archery, athletics, rowing, cycling, equestrian events, fencing, golf, gymnastics, motorsports, BMX, shooting, tennis, chess, darts, drafts and pool.

Spectators will be allowed into the events, but not more than 50 – and both players and supporters will have to submit themselves for screening and testing on arrival.

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