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Aaaaand here we are again, FINALLY, with a new version of LiTDOOM! After a long absence from the modding community, we thought that a “mere” crafting system wouldn’t be enough to make up for lost time. So we decided to release a big update with lots of new features and content in the hope that you will give us another chance! No more chit-chatting, here we go:

Go HERE to grab the latest version of the mod: LiTDOOM 0.5
For questions, feedback and more, visit our discord server:


—————- LiTDOOM 0.5 Beta HIGHLIGHTS —————-


This update continues where the last one left off: it’s all about survival mechanics (mostly stamina management and difficulty settings), plenty of new sounds and a new weapon!


Of course, the long-awaited main dish of this update. This first installment of the crafting system comes with 32 different recipes, with hundreds of different reagents combination, each one of them visually represented on the crafting station with a different hand-drawn sprite.

Base Profile Screenshot 2020 05

This is the recombiner, your crafting station. Fill the three slots with various reagents and materials, then charge it up with an energy cell. It will start transmutating and processing those ingredients into the resulting item!

WARNING: as of this version, you CANNOT retrieve materials once placed in the recombiner. “using” the station will reset the machine to its “empty” status, but the reagents will be lost forever.

Most of the materials and reagents for your crafting needs are often harvested from what you’d expect, or scattered around the map.
Looking for some metal? Kill a robotic or heavily armored foe and you may find it. Need demon hearts? You could extract one from most of the red-blooded demons, with the exception of the smaller ones. Big, green, squishy eyes? Hmm, where could you have seen something like that before?
However, some other materials require further steps to be gathered: chemical solutions for example, need to be harvested from the blood of some kind of monsters, using an empty vial to store them.

ezgif com optimize2

You can now craft a wide selection of well-known items that you are already used to, as well as many new ones!


These experimental stimpacks are obtained mixing chemical substances from Earth with others of a more hellish nature… they will improve your senses, enhance you vision, heal you beyond your physical limits, raise you max health, or make you able to predict enemies’ movements or the position of secret areas and items! There are quite a few, and they are all animated when used!

Base Profile Screenshot 2020 05 1
ezgif com optimize3

Space Marines’ armor is very technologically advanced, and it features dedicated sockets meant to host specific auxiliary modules that can further improve their efficiency. For example, the life support module will slowly heal you and close any bleeding wounds, while a Movement Sensor will display nearby foes! (Original radar script from Cybermind, so most of the credits go to him!)

ezgif com crop



Yep. We weren’t supposed to add them until the next mod version. But as I mentioned before, we had to make it up to you for all the time we left you without updates.


Reskinned by IDDQD_1337, Sounds replaced by Oniichangoddess.

The pump-shotgun has been tweaked and edited a lot if compared to the original from Brutal Doom. Now it finally has its own, LiT personality with unique sprites and sounds!

[embedded content]


Sprites by, Sounds by Oniichangoddess. Reload animation edited by me

The double barreled shotgun has not only been reskinned, but also buffed quite a bit in terms of sheer damage. Thanks to this and to its new graphics and sounds, this weapon will feel more powerful than ever when fired. To balance this out however, its pellet spread and reload times have been both increased, to prevent it from out-performing completely the other two shotguns in situations where they should be more efficient. Pick the right tool for the job!

I’ve also added about ten frames to the original reload animation, to make it show a proper animation depending on how many shells you are reloading!

[embedded content]


Sprites by @Farhan, Sounds by Oniichangoddess

The assault rifle is the one you’ll have more trouble recognizing: its appearance is completely different. It has tons of new animations and behaves very differently from the original one; while its damage and accuracy were buffed, its rate of fire is now more close to the one of a semi-auto battle rifle. This will make you think again before deciding that the rifle is always the best pick when compared to an SMG.

For now, it’s not available to the Doomguy class, since it’s not dual wieldable… yet.

[embedded content]



Among the many craftable items, you may also find these two babies: very volatile substances that’ll wreak havoc among the enemy!


This incendiary device encases the flames of hell itself. Once thrown, the liquid will agitate and become more unstable, then burst into an explosion of flames shortly after, which will deal massive damage to everything around it. The fire remnants after its explosion lingers for longer than other fire sources, possibly finishing off remaining monster near the heat source, or making narrow passages difficult to go through unscathed.

[embedded content]


The second one is more tactical to use. While not dealing much direct damage, the burning hot, poisonous and acidic cloud it releases will stay for much longer, leaving the enemies inside in pain and less prone to aggression. With the right equipment you could even rush through the mist in all safety, perfect for crowd control!

[embedded content]

Oh and did I mention the HEV suit got a brand new animation of its own? Thanks to @Farhan for his great work.




So why bothering wearing a Enviromental Suit to protect yourself? Yeah you take damage from that nasty green nukage on the ground and poison gas, but that’s not the only reason. Now these hazards, as well as some monsters’ attacks (beware those Trites now more than ever!), will permanently poison you, until you either die or find a way to cure your status.

This “biohazardous hangover” is not as urgent and dangerous as a bleeding open wound: it won’t drain your health nearly as fast as one of those, but instead will hinder your actions from time to time, while slowly, steadily, bringing you close to death. Your Stamina Regeneration will stop, and you’ll sometimes suffer from various discomfort: temporary blindness, coughing blood, and loss of balance at random intervals. Hope you’re not in the thick of the battle while you start gaining these symptoms…
Once poisoned, it’s too late to wear a protective suit: you can cure it using the most advanced medical supplies, like the medical backpack and the portable medikit, or you can see if there’s something you can craft for making you immune to all kind of biohazards…

Base Profile Screenshot 2020 05 2Base Profile Screenshot 2020 05 3



Remember the “favorite weapon” system? As of today, you could press a button to save the weapon you are currently holding as favorite, then press another one to rapidly switch to that specific one. This helped avoid the “maniacally scrolling through weapon slots” situation a little.
Now this function has been extended to Hand Grenades, Claymore Mines, Acid Mist Vials and Hellfire Vials (all of which can be found on slot 9).

How does it work?
1) First, you select the weapon you want from slot 9, and press the “favorite weapon” button as always.

2) As you probably will notice, it won’t overwrite your previously favorited gun, but instead, will save it in the “quick slot” usually dedicated to grenades.

3) Now, if you press the “Quick Explosive Throw” key (formerly the hotkey for tossing grenades), you’ll instead throw (or place on the ground in the claymores’ case) whatever you’ve saved in that slot!

All this, while your favorite weapon is still ready to be switched to with the “switch to favorite” keybind.



Last but not least, the Scientist joins the fight! While being of frail constitution, he surely knows how to make himself feared on the right hands!
He has a small stamina pool and slow stamina regeneration, making him very prone to getting tired and quite the slouch when it comes to melee combat.
He doesn’t have access to the “Survival instinct” ability shared by his more fit and trained brothers in arms, and he also takes 25% more damage from all sources
Finally, like the Survivalist, has a chance to lose part of his arsenal when traveling from one map to another.

Now, the Scientist’s strengths: he starts with a portable recombiner and a good selection of crafting materials, letting him experiment with them right from the start, instead of looking for that rare machinery. Furthermore, due to his skills and knowledge of what he’s doing, he will save 5 energy cells for each time he will attempt a recombining, letting him use the device more often. He will also start with a fireaxe to defend himself, an HEV suit, and three batteries.

But WAIT, there’s MORE! I was saving the best for last. The Scientist is the ONLY CLASS that can deploy military SENTRY BOTS by using a special advanced teleport beacon that only he know how to use, calling bots directly from the Mars Military Tech Lab. They will make themselves useful… oh yes, they will…

Base Profile Screenshot 2020 05 4

NOTE: the sentry bot itself comes directly from the “Brutal Friends” mod by SGT_Mark_IV, so he’s the one to credit for it.


  • The pistol had its sounds replaced with more realistic ones, thanks to Oniichangoddess
  • New animations for the Sapper’s Wirecutter, made by no less than MoaDixøn™, who has recently joined our project! Cheers to her!
    [embedded content]
  • New Difficulty Setting: “Scavenger”. Resources and ammo are very, VERY rare, but you won’t be dying as easily as in “we unhappy few”. Perfect for a medium-core survival experience!
  • Fuel Tanks are now shootable when on the ground, resulting in an incendiary explosion. They’ve also been reskinned by MoaDixøn™
  • New pickup sprites for a couple of items, thanks to @Hellfire, another sprite artist who we gadly accepted in our team!
  • Dead Scientists with medical and crafting loot can spawn randomly instead of ammo pickups, although quite rarely.
  • Full list of balance tweaks and bug fixes can be found on the full changelog as always.


That’s it! I hope this will be enough to keep our fans entertained for a while. In the meantime, we’ll go on with our to make this mod complete. We’re still just HALFWAY THERE!

The next version, the “MILITARY UPDATE”, will focus on more weapon overhauls, upgrades, and features to enhance the overall military realism of some equipment, player classes and much more. Stay in touch!

Always remember that our discord server is open for everyone who wants to share their opinions about the mod or just to have a chat about anything else. ——>

See you soon!

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