Crash of War 0.72 Standalone is coming !

Crash of War 0 72 Standalone is coming !

Thanks to all players for their support, we have completed Crash of War 0.72, and we continue to work hard to make version 0.8!


Installation method 1:
This mod has rewritten the registry. It does not require the support of General ZeroHour 1.04 version. Unzip it directly and enter the game through the CoWLuncher.exe. No previous patches are needed for this version as this is a full-on release. No need for any old version

Installation method 2:
If you cannot enter the game through installation method 1, you can delete Generals.exe, Generals.dat, game.dat in the ZIP file. Then extract the entire contents of this folder in your ZH Directory, enter the game through the Generals.exe

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Update content:
1. New units added by the Red Army General: ZTQ-15 MBT, fire dragon tank, J-16 fighter
2. The Red Army General and the Army General replaced the building model and added a new building propaganda center and a combat laboratory respectively
3. China Red Army General and China Ground Force General added defensive building:Infantry Bunkers and Tank Bunkers
4. Air Force General adds AH-6 Rocket Assault Type and AH-6 Anti-Air Type
5. Reduce the cost and training time of all faction infantry
6. Modify the particle effect of various types of missiles and rocket tail smoke
7. Reduced the gun damage of helicopters (AH-64D, AH-1W, MI-28, MI-35, CAIC Z-10)
8. Reduced the damage of anti-aircraft vehicles (LAV_AD, Tunguska, PGZ-04A, PGZ-09, Carapace)
9. Rewrite all unit armor codes
10. Extend the reloading time of the artillery (M-109A6, 2S19, PLZ-05, 2S7, PLZ-09), and reduce range
11. Delete China Ground Force General units: ZTZ-59D MBT and ZTZ-99A1 MBT
12. China Red Army General ZSL-10 adds medical functions
13. Reduced the damage of Harbin Z-9 machine gun and added anti-tank missiles to it

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