CyberChunk Dev Blog 17

CyberChunk Devlog 17

Since Last Week we found some issues with the detection cones of the enemy, that then initiates the turn-based combat, one of the problems was the actual light material applied since we are using the new 2D Light unity system the material needs to correspond to that so a simple change to the material solved the visual problem.

Buggy Vision Cone (Pink Thing)

Behind the scene look

Entering the Tactics Mode


Exiting the Tactics Mode(Kill all enemies)


We also made the Info Chip collectible. In the actual story of the game, these info Chips will contain secrets about the enemy cities.

Collecting an Info Chip


We also started programming and integrating the animations of the Patrol enemy into unity.

Enemy Patroling


Enemy Idle


Make sure to check out our twitter for the most recent screenshots on @ChunkCyber

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