D35 1.2 – Introducing space battles

Hello there, today I’m going to show how space assault is going to work in BATTLEFRONT-1035.

First of all, every unit class playable on the ground will be playable in space as well. In the early alpha build of the mod I had pilots and marines for each team, but those did not fit the goal of the mod, so I’m sticking with the same unit classes for ground and space, just like the ship phase of capital supremacy.

Every faction will have the same starfighter classes: fighter, interceptor, bomber and transport, each with different gun setups and working 1st person view.

20200714164827 1

Republic: ARC-170 (fighter), V-WING (interceptor), Y-WING (bomber), LAAT/i (transport)

20200714164310 1

CIS: vulture droid (fighter), tridroid (interceptor), hyena bomber (bomber), HMP gunship (transport).

20200714164457 1

Rebels: X-WING (fighter), A-WING (interceptor), Y-WING (bomber), Jedi Fallen Order scavenged LAAT (transport)

20200714164657 1

Empire: TIE fighter (fighter), TIE interceptor (interceptor), TIE bomber (bomber), imperial shuttle (transport)

20200714164734 1

The changes I did to space maps aren’t limited to sides and starfighters, I’ve also changed the ship turrets to be more accurate to the films: instead of those weird beam lasers, they now fire big blaster bolts.

20200714165311 1

Same thing has been done for playable space turrets, the ones you can use from the consoles inside the ship.

20200714164611 1

Unfortunately, I can’t get the clone trooper legions cycle working in space so atm there won’t be any rainbow troopers in space assault.

Some extra images:

20200630094946 1

20200705125507 1

20200706185844 1

20200706190131 1

Anyway, I’m putting togheter the patch notes for 1.2 that should be released in a few days based on your feedback, so stay tuned.

Here you have a quick 5 minute victory video from my youtube channel:

[embedded content]


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