Daft obstacle course party game Fall Guys is out in August

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout screenshot.

Yeah winning a last-man-standing battle by bursting your opponent’s head is great and all, but have you ever won a battle royale after your opponent got clobbered by giant fruit rolling downhill? Such is the foolishness of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a 60-player party game inspired by those wacky TV game shows like Total Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, and It’s A Knockout. You know, daft obstacles, unfair traps, falling over – that sort of tomfoolery. And last night, Devolver Digital announced a release date of August 4th.

So some games are free-for-alls, and some are team-based. And it has a load of silly costumes to customise your contestant, with even a Gordon Freeman one as a pre-order bonus. I’m up for these foolish games. Yeah it looks more chaotic than necessarily skilful, but it looks great for a party game. Round up the Plunklaaads on Discord, go pick up some eggs, get bowled over by fruit, get smashed in a maze, lovely.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Steam on August 4th, priced at £16/€20/$20. It will be on PlayStation 4 too. It’s made by Mediatonic, the British studio who created Murder By Numbers and who remade Hato Mao’s bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend.

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