Daniel Kinahan to ‘take time away’ from boxing after Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua controversy

Fury praised Kinahan for his role in moving fight talks forward
Fury praised Kinahan for his role in moving fight talks forward

Boxing advisor Daniel Kinahan will take time away from the sport after drawing scrutiny for negotiating a bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Ireland’s Kinahan was praised by Fury for his part in moving forward talks between the two heavyweights.

Kinahan has been named in court by a judge as a senior figure in Irish organised crime.

MTK Global’s Bob Yalen said Kinahan would be “taking time away” from boxing to “focus on other interests”.

“Hopefully this will put a stop to the negative press from Ireland that’s based entirely on hearsay,” Yalen told The Athletic.external-link

“No court has ever found this man guilty of anything.”

In May, MTK Global stressed Kinahan was not part of their businessexternal-link but said he does “advise” some fighters under the management of the group.

Kinahan has no convictions but Irish Prime Minister said he was “taken aback” at Fury’s praise for someone with a “chequered history”.

The Irish government said it would contact broadcasters calling for a boycott of the proposed contest and last week reports emerged stating Kinahan would not work with Fury for the bout.external-link

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