Darren Fletcher urges Scottish football to ‘sell itself’ – BBC News

Darren Fletcher wants Scottish football to thrive to help the national team

Scottish football needs to sell itself more, says former national team captain Darren Fletcher.

Fletcher, 36, has played his entire club career in England and won 80 Scotland caps.

“I love Scottish football and I think it’s a breath of fresh air watching it, it has so many strengths,” Fletcher told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound.

“I want the league to do well. It’s a fantastic product. I honestly don’t think we sell it enough.”

And he added: “We should have safe standing, we should make it a great atmosphere, we should try and put fans in the same areas. There are lots and lots of things we should be trying to do better.

“Not to Americanise it or give it gimmicks but we should be experimenting with things and trying to find little niche things that makes it more attractive to the rest of the world.”

Fletcher believes the absence of VAR from Scottish football and its more “physical” nature have enhanced its spectacle.

“It’s a little bit of a throw back and people miss that,” Fletcher explained. “I know people who this season have been blown away and the best games they’ve watched and enjoyed more than any other have been the Old Firm games. The response from people was unbelievable.

“They loved the aggression, the atmosphere, the no VAR – everything about it. It felt refreshing to watch and that’s the feeling I get when I watch it. I like that tackles are allowed to be given a little bit more. It’s fast-paced at times. There’s a lot more action. That’s not to say the quality isn’t there because it is. It’s very good to watch.

“The success of the league leads to the success of the national team. I want the Scotland national team to do well and I want Scottish football to thrive.”

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