Dave-Man | Get Coffee While Avoiding Co-Workers

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Dave-Man, available on Steam

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Dave-Man is a quirky game, a bit hard to explain . . .

That is why Tom the Janitor is such a crucial part to help guide Dave through this odd experience

Day 01 Post 1 TWITTER tom expla

As you can see here Tom warns Dave of Chatty Cathy – the employee that Dave wants to avoid at all costs before he has his morning coffee!

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Dave gets his coffee = successful day = payday

Dave gets his ear talked off by Chatty Cathy = headache = not productive = no pay (results based compensation lol)

Day 10 Post 3 robot dog

Once home you can purchase items to help you along your journey . . .

Day 01 post 3 order that wallpap

Also, you wife may have some requests!

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Visit other co-workers at the water cooler to unlock interesting storylines and/or receive new websites to purchase items.

Day 05 Post 4 watercooler social

In-game books will also provide some tips or background info.

Day 10 Post 4 vampire self help

But there’s also books in there just for fun! (optional to read)


Use the wardrobe to sort the order of your powerups.

thought more about wallpaper

And don’t forget that wallpaper!

Dave-Man, available on Steam

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