David Robertson: Real Kashmir manager to get flight home – BBC News

‘I never thought I’d be in the situation we’re in now’ – Robertson

Real Kashmir manager David Robertson has been told he and his family will be able to return to Scotland after more than five weeks in lockdown in the world’s most militarised zone.

The former Scotland cap has been trying to get a flight to the UK with his son – Kashmir player Mason – and wife Kym.

Robertson spoke of his relief after being told a flight will be arranged for them in the coming days.

“The call really raised our spirits,” he told BBC Scotland.

“We were unaware how complicated the situation was in getting us out due to where Kashmir is situated, but we now know how much work has been put in.

“Clearances are required to travel through state borders but hopefully in a few days that will be approved and possibly in the next week or so we can all finally get home.

“The not knowing was the real tough part but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.”

Robertson and his family had gone 42 days without a clear idea of when they would be able to return to Scotland.

The Kashmir manager’s elderly mother is suffering from cancer at home, while Kashmir midfielder Kallum Higginbotham was among others desperate to return to the UK.

“It was getting really tough for everyone,” Robertson admitted. “Day by day everybody was falling apart.

“Kallum has two young kids and a wife, being so far away has been really difficult for him too. Our coaches Jimmy Lindsay and Jonathan Craig are desperate to get home as well.

“As you can imagine everybody’s mental state wasn’t in great shape – and it was the not knowing if we were going to get out.”

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