Delay on the updates due to health problems and some content we’ve been working on

Hello everyone,

because of some health issues I had, there’s been a delay on the updates, my deepest apologies on that.
Not to worry, it’s nothing extremely serious and I should be making a full recovery in a few days.

But enough about that, let’s talk about what really matters, new content.

Our Artist Daniel Reis it’s adjusting the interface of our game while making one of the obstacles that will show up during the gameplay and those are…! Birds.

Yes folks you read that right, the new obstacles are birds, angr-I mean, irritated birds!


They’re not very pleased with the rocketship disturbing their daily flight and when they see Mellanie the spider, well… Let’s just say they need to vent on someone and she’s the closest target.

During the game the birds will appear randomly and dive diagonally in order to catch the spider, if they do, Game Over. So be sure to dodge them on time, also, they will only appear during the “Sky” scenario, if players reach the “Space” scenario the birds will no longer spawn.

Besides the birds, there’s also an update about Mellanie, mainly her animations. It’s still a work in progress, but at least her “Idle” animation in the Main Menu and “Defeated”animation in the Game Over Screen are already developed.

Animao Aranha Olhar

“Looking” animation in Main Menu

Aranha derrotada anim

“Defeated” animation in Game Over screen

From the build itself, our programmer Bruno Abano is adjusting the sprites and configuring the obstacles colliders that will appear throughout the game.

Collider gif

This is all we can show you guys at for the moment but we will have plenty more soon, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and until next time.

-Ivan Areia from DeltaBot Games.

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