Delta City 2155 Third Devblog


Today id love to post another Devblog

the maps have been devided into 5 different ones now

– Delta City Main Town

– Delta City Redlight District

– Delta City Zoo

– Delta City Outskirts

– Delta City Train System

Delta City Town Logo

First Weapon Implemention The Copbuster 2000

Copbots and Recharge Station.

Heres a Test of the Spaceflight around Delta City

[embedded content]

Testing Sound of Copbots

[embedded content]

Delta City Redlight Destrict Test

[embedded content]

now one of my all time favourites…. my Cafe of the 80s Rebuild

[embedded content]

and heres a Complete Showreel with all current Features

[embedded content]

what do we currently need?


Texture Artist: FILLED

Modeller: we need a modeller to rig some modes to other bones

Link to Original Story

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