Demo is here

Demo of Go to hell is here.

As you maybe know go to hell is an old school fps but also an adventure game, in this demo you can try the beginning of the game, well just try it and I hope you like it.

To play you need at least : windows 7 – i5-2500k – 8go of ram – nvidia-gtx 770.


Thanks to everyone who helped me and for the music all credits go to adaMills.
If you have any question there is a little FAQ :

Q : The demo has bugs.
A : This is the first beta, yes there is surely some bugs so if you find some please contact me.

Q : The game is full of spelling mistakes.
A : As I’m french yes maybe I can make some mistakes but please, again contact me.

Q : When the full version ?
A : Hum, next question.

Q : The demo is difficult.
A : This an « old school adventure fps » yes it can be hard sometimes but difficulty maybe change in the final product.

Q : Demo is laggy.
A : You need at least a i5-2500k and a nvidia-gtx770 to play the demo.

Q : I can’t change key binding.
A : Sorry actually you can’t, keys are wasd to move, space to jump, r to reload and left click to fire weapon.

Q : I load the game and it crash.
A : Never load until the first save or the game just crash.

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