Destiny 2 is ready to fire its biggest gun in the game’s first live event

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy kicked off with a new hassle for humanity: The Red Legion isn’t taking its recent ass-kicking well, and has aimed its mega-huge star-eating spaceship The Almighty at the Earth as a final “up yours” on its way out the door. Is this the end for our brave Guardians?

To counter this grave threat, players have been working on various events and quests to fire up Rasputin, the last of the Warminds—great, powerful military AIs built during humanity’s Golden Age to protect it from all manner of threats. Think Skynet but with a garbled Russian computer voice.

After the community completed a staggering amount of public events earlier in the season (after some reluctance) the flips are now apparently switched, the knobs are turned, and the big Russian mad lad is ready to rumble.

I don’t think it’s likely that humanity will actually get smoked by this intergalactic atom bomb, but it does appear that some damage will be done. As Polygon reported in April, redditor PaperMartin glitched into a section of the Tower—the Guardians’ home on Earth—that’s suffered serious damage from unknown causes. 

Nothing’s carved in stone at this point (as far as I know, anyway), but the most obvious inference is that Rasputin was able to stop most, but not all, of the Red Legion’s Hail Mary shot at winning the war. What will be interesting—at least to our in-house Destiny obsessive, and you know who I mean—is whether this moment is served up as just another cinematic, or whether players can actually stand in the Tower and watch it happen in a manner akin to Fortnite’s bombastic live events. 

Update: Bungie has confirmed that, as we hoped, the Rasputin shootin’ will be an in-game thing.

Don’t forget that while all this is happening, the big, mysterious Pyramid ships that have been looming on the periphery are also getting closer. While you wait for tomorrow’s big blast, you can find out more about what’s happening around Jupiter in Tim’s in-depth analysis Destiny 2’s “next chapter.”

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