Dev Update #2

Hello everyone today I would like to talk to you about the addition of 2 new major buildings and the transition of game engines.

The New Buildings:

The first building is the tavern (see images below). The tavern will be a place where the player can buy food and drink as well as talk with the locals on the island.

The second building is the Shipwreck (see images below). The Shipwreck will be a place where the player can find supplies, treasure and a great view of the entire island from the top of the mast.

The Transition:

Now on to the Transition. Originally and up until this point I have been using UPBGE a modded version of Blender 3.0 Alpha. However due to certain circumstances and difficulties with the engine I will be switching the engine I use to Unreal Engine 5.

Some new pictures of the game:



The Tavern:


The Ship:



Current Version: 0.3.3a

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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