Developer Update: 5/8/2020

This coming update we will be supporting three SWBF1 maps ported over to SWBF2 these include Rhen Var Citadel, Bespin Platforms, and Kashyyyk Docks! Credits go to Calrissian97 and DarthSith for porting these old classics to SWBF2.

Bespin Platforms now features vehicles that are able to utilize the skin-changer via the fake console. Various new textures have been added to make your battlefront experience diverse. Character units are able to use the skin-changer also as seen in the screenshot below ranging from the 501st Legion to the 212th Attack Battalion.

Vehicle Skinchanger by S1thK3n

Commander Cody on Bespin Platfor

Obi Wan Kenobi leading the front 1

On the jungle planet of Kashyyyk, the 41st Elite Crops must defend the Docks against the Separatist Alliance who threaten the Wookies. Aiding the 41st Elite Crops is jedi master Luminara Unduli with the help of Commander Gree.

Luminara Unduli rigged by S1th

Commander Gree by Needo62

41st Ranger Platoon Heavy Troope

41st Ranger Platoon Commando b

The final showcase of this article includes Commander Keller and his unit on the snowy fortress of Rhen Var Citadel. Ki Adi Mundi also joins the fight to combat the droid forces.

Ki Adi Mundi rigged by S1thK3n

Commander Keller made edited t

Kellers Unit by Needo62

Credits to S1thK3nny for porting the majority of the models you see in this mod and to Needo62 for creating many wonderful textures in this mod.

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