Devlog 13 – Cut & Polish

Hi there!

The first release is coming soon, we are aiming to release a small demo on the first week of July. We would work on it longer if we could, but we have deadlines to meet.

Sadly, we aren’t on the best spot right now, the game is far from our initial vision and we don’t really have the time to finish it. It’s the classic problem of overscoping and making bad decisions. This means that we are going to cut the game once again, to try and polish what we have… Does this mean that we are going to release a bad game? Hopefully not! We still believe that we can release a tiny but good demo.

So what did we cut? We went from: 6 islands + 6 optional levels to 2 islands + 3 optional levels to 1 island.

In retrospect it’s kind of funny how the heck we thought we could finish 6 islands. I could go into detail and make a gigantic post on why this happened, but it’s not good to dwell on our mistakes, especially when we still have a game to finish.

ANYWAY, we can’t end this on a low note, so here’s some stuff that we did this week:

We never showed our combat in action

combatgif 1

The lower floor of Nur’s house


Annd more dialogue portraits!

1Pan Normal

Pablo CRY

1Pan Happy

Pablo Normal

See you next week!


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