DevLog #4 – HUB Concept

DevLog #4 – HUB Concept

Hello everyone! In this week’s article we’re going to talk about our HUB area. Yes, we’ve decided to go for a HUB as our level select system. Here’s what we’ve got planned to do with it!

Why a HUB?

Initially we had thought about progressively sending the player from level to level. Giving out bits of the narrative and better explaining the progression. However that felt restraining to the player and we didn’t want that.

For that purpose, we’ve decided to give the player freedom to roam around the hub area. That also allows us to demonstrate the retirement house which is the main area people in the village of Mação are evacuated to, due to its large area and protection value against fire.

This Image is the real world reference of the the retirement house:

The Blockout of it:


How it looks right now:

What can the player do here?

As I mentioned at the start of this article our hub works as a level selection system. Each character is related to a specific level and tells us a story. This means the player can replay a level to do better and/or collect in game rewards.

The player can also interact with the local residents of the village to obtain more information about the fire.

They can also drive a mini version of the heavy machinery from level 3 to test it out and get used to the controls. This can be accessed from the start of the game!

[embedded content]

Next week we will talk more about this User interface!

Thank you for reading this week’s article! We hope to see you next week’s article and we hope you’re enjoying learning about our project!

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