DOOM: Blood Ops’s New Areas

Today, i’m announcing that a few ares you might or might not know are being made right now!

You heard that right, news! Here are the areas i’m planning to add:

  1. Earth – Refinery (DONE)
  2. Earth – Colina City (DONE)
  3. Earth – VEGA Tower (DONE)
  4. Mars – Landscape (SEMI DONE)
  5. Mars – Mars City (SEMI DONE)
  6. Phobos – UAC Facility “BFG10.5K” (PLANNED)
  7. Deimos (PLANNED)
  8. Hell – Landscape (PLANNED)
  9. Hell – Nekravol (MUSIC DONE)


Earth, being Invaded by Demons



Mars, outside.

Mars City, from Outside.

Mars City, from Inside.

We really hope you enjoy these landscapes.

See you on the other side.

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