Doom Eternal is getting super-demons that murdered other players

In a move which is hilarious to me, id Software is adding a feature to Doom Eternal in the upcoming Update 1: Empowered Demons. When another player dies during the game, the demon that killed them can now be made stronger and transported into your game. It’s another piece in the strategic-tactical puzzles that make up Doom Eternal’s combat arenas, and can add some variance to the experience for those who get their thrills from blasting through the campaign mode multiple time.

The upside is that the empowered demons drop “tons” of health and ammo when killed, as well as giving players bonus XP to progress their in-game events. Those are the things which are kind of like a battle pass, but are free so they are better than a battle pass.

Doom Eternal’s first update since release will also include a lot more stuff, mostly focused on enhancements to Battlemode.  It’ll include new anti-cheat and network tweaks, a death report screen, and what sounds like prestige leveling for max-level players. Singleplayer will also enjoy a few changes, like more detailed demon tutorials.

Anyways, I’m very excited to see empowered zombies because that means someone died to a zombie which has definitely never happened to me, no sir, not even once.

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