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Whether slicing lemons in his kitchen, reading a book in his nook, or sporting that trademark black-T and blazer, leave it to Michael Kors to look good under lockdown.

And for one of the most recognizable names in fashion, what Kors is wearing these days isn’t just about style. Below the camera’s view, during his video call with correspondent Nancy Giles, Kors is sporting a pair of cargos.

On his video call Michael Kors sports a stylish black T-shirt, blazer, and cargo pants.  CBS News

“We want the things that make us feel like our best self,” Kors said, “that when we put it on, we feel confident. ‘Cause when you feel confident, you’re gonna have a better day.

“We all have to stay to a schedule, because we do want to know what life’s gonna be like when we come out of this.”

And let’s face it: what we’re wearing right now says a lot about how we are feeling.

Giles asked Sophia Tang, the creative director of Bloomingdale’s, “From a retail point of view, what kinds of things are you seeing people doing?”

“So, there’s the very logical and expected life clothes that are comfortable: Blue jeans, robes, loungewear, workout clothes,” Tang replied. “We’re definitely seeing a spike in pajamas.”

Yes, comfort is key. Just ask Robin Givhan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic for the Washington Post.

Fashion critic Robin Givhan, dressed for work. CBS News

“There are gonna be good days and bad days,” Givhan said. “There are gonna be days when your anxiety gets the better of you, when the stress gets the better of you. And, you know, I think sometimes, it’s okay if you just want to wear your pajamas and sort of take a moment.”

But cozy shouldn’t define the day. “I think if you just have a favorite sports jersey, or a favorite pair of sneakers that you love, or a favorite piece of jewelry, just anything that can remind you of happier memories,” Givhan said.

And memories are a big part of what Laura Lippman is doing every evening. An author, Lippman trades in those pajamas once a night for an outfit that has a special place in her heart. She photographs herself in it, and posts the image on her Instagram page. 

“I did it and, wow, this feels great!” Lippman laughed. “And I don’t know why. But I’m of the mindset right now that anything that makes you feel good, you should be doing it.”

“I really like the very basic lace Ann Taylor dress that I wore to my stepson’s bar mitzvah 13 years ago.” Wearing it, Lippman said, “brings back this entire weekend.”

And back to Michael Kors, who is donating $2 million to coronavirus relief efforts, he sees a brighter future of style, and substance.

“I think when we come through this, I think we’re gonna see that no one wants to give up comfort,” he said. “But at the same time, I think we’re gonna all enjoy getting a little dressed again. I think there’s gonna be, you know, that moment that you wanna put something on that gives you that boost of confidence.

“So, I don’t think we’re gonna live the rest of our days in slippers and sweats. I hope not!”

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Story produced by Gabriel Falcon. Editor: Joe Frandino.


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