Dying Light is getting a dark fantasy DLC inspired by Hellraid null

I expect a lot of us gave up on ever seeing anything related to first-person slashing game Hellraid a few years back, but it looks like we’re getting something anyway. The next DLC for now-quite-old game Dying Light is a big ‘ol tribute to Techland’s long delayed, now indefinitely on-hold, fantasy game. 

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With the DLC, there’s now a magic arcade machine in the basement of Dying Light’s tower that sends you to another world. The other world is, to put it bluntly, Hellraid. It’s a castle populated by all manner of hellish monsters and with its own array of weird, unique fantasy weapons to use. Each time you finish the DLC dungeon you get coins that can be used to unlock the fantasy weapons outside, in Dying Light proper’s open world. The DLC will work, just like Dying Light, with up to 4 people.

The Dying Light – Hellraid DLC releases on July 23rd. There’s more information available at the official website. You can find Dying Light – Hellraid on Steam

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