Early Access 1.2 is out!

1.2 full package is out!

Hello again, stalkers! I hope you’re all taking good care of yourself during the pandemic; strange time indeed… well, today the big 1.2 content update is released: new maps, optimization, fixes and upgrades!
Have a good read and enjoy the new build! ?

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Hello stalkers!
The 1.2 full package is out!

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Necessary, friendly reminder this is Early Access!

If you want to help me you can offer constructive feedback, be it good or bad!
I’m always happy to read all your messages, they really matter a lot!

On the other hand, leaving a 1/10 angry review or comment does not help, fortunately this is very rare. This paragraph is for those people. ?

If you read the disclaimer when launching the game, you knew that this is still an Early Access, that there will be problems & unfinished things.
I voluntarily made those screens appear each time you launch the game! It’s written everywhere here as well, before you download it! So please, if you can’t handle Early Access and its inherited problems: just don’t play it! Wait for the final version! It’s here as a test, to gather feedback!

This project is my passion; I create it for me before all, it’s a therapy. Some of you already know and understand that, thank you a lot, really. I repeat this since the beginning, guys, come on!

So; if you choose to play the Early Access, feel free to send me a private message (so I will have a mail notification, my answer will be faster than if you leave a comment). I will gladly help you if you are stuck somewhere or have a technical problem! I already did that a few times and it’s perfect for both you and me, let’s continue!

Obviously, this project is still unfinished (there is still one big content update left) but it is crafted with love for more than 7 years now! I take things very seriously!
That’s all for the short but necessary reminder; thanks.


If you don’t want to play a work in progress Early Access, knowing that there will be problems, bugs, if you don’t want my help or to help, just don’t play it!
There are tons of other cool things to do or play!

Getting the new full package

Now that the boring stuff was said (I feel better), let’s play. Here are the instructions:

  • Remove any previous installation(s) of Forbidden Trip.
  • Play on a fresh and updated installation of Amnesia: TDD or you will have chances to break the game. This means no other Amnesia mods and custom content installed.
  • Download the full 1.2 package here:

1.2 full package:
Forbidden Trip - Early Access (package 1.2 - 20200501)
Archive password in the description!
Note: the file might be available in a short time.

More instructions in the description & readme file.
For those asking why I put a password, it’s to make sure you read the description with some tips in case of problems, simple as that. It will stay like that until the end of Early Access.

“I already finished the previous build and want to continue directly on the new levels!”

First, I’m really glad to hear that! ?
If you want to continue where the action ended in the previous build, read the instructions in the download description!


I will post the complete changelog later if it’s really necessary (in the download description), in short:

  • Optimization: nearly 700 textures/models were redone since 1.0 to make loadings faster and avoid crashes, get good FPS.
  • Levels: 4 new maps.
  • Lots of fixes and upgrades in the previous levels.
  • New content here and there.

Next big content update

The next big content update will contain the rest/end of the project! Finally!
But this will not be the end of Early Access. It will be over when all the problems are corrected, i.e. adding details, improving lighting or too dark areas.

Speaking of that, I worked on a little something that will make you happy. It’s not implemented yet because I still don’t know where I want to put it (simple as that). There you go:

[embedded content]

This sure will help a lot!

Anyway, the remaining maps need polishing and a lot of scripting as well. I can’t wait to complete that milestone with you…

The storyline, the notes may be rewritten, again; I’m not satisfied with the current state. Notes are too long too often, even if I removed a lot of things already. I need to make them better as well and add some little changes. I will work a lot on this for the next content update.

English voices should be included, as well as French localization for all text strings.

Use me!

Last words

Special thanks to Enata & Teuh for playtesting the 1.2 build & helping me debugging it before public release!

I want to thank you again for trying the Early Access and sending me messages, feedback and kind words. This really give me smiles and it helps me making everything better. ? Don’t stop!

Take care of yourself stalker, your loved ones too, especially with the current pandemic… nothing is acquired! Be strong, be careful, you’ll be fine! ?

The best to you all!


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