Early Access V1.2.4.7 – Vector Mode, CRT Emulation, and a Ton of Enhancements!!

Greeting and welcome alpha fighter pilots; whether your are a medal laden veteran pilot, a new recruit cutting your teeth, from Earth, or from one of the furthest corners of the known universe.

I hope you’ve been priming your trigger fingers, as the Nexus Galactic as deployed several important milestone updates to whet your appetite for unmatched precision controlled skill based combat across the solar system.

Probably the biggest features added are CRT emulation capabilities, and an almost complete rendition of Vector mode.

CRT Effects

The newly added CRT Emulation options allow the addition of scanline and phosphor effects for that old school retro look! I grew up in the 80s and often miss that old look. Thanks to the modern miracle of advanced GPUs and pixel shaders, we can continue to enjoy the retro style even today!

[embedded content]

Vector XY Monitor Simulation

The newly added Vector Palette option allows switching the color scheme from the original Solaroids full-color palette to monochromatic Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe palettes.

[embedded content]

Added Vector options allow tweaking the look of the Vector XY Monitor simulation by adjusting the intensity, focus, shimmer, and jitter parameters. Combine that with the Bloom setting already in place you you can get quite a few different looks from sharp ultra-precise monitor to erratic possibly seizure inducing strobe effects.

Each aspect of the simulated XY Vector display can be tweaked to your taste and combined with other options like Bloom, Background Opacity, Stars, and CRT effects to simulate a variety of looks.

[embedded content]

There have been a tone of other tweaks and refinements too. Check out the Steam store page or community for detailed patch notes.

Solaroids is available in Early Access on Steam, Kartridge, and GameJolt and receives regular updates. Try the demo out today or splurge and get yourself a copy and join the fun!

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