Easter 2020 Contest!

At long last, our beloved Holiday event has made it to release! This was planned for much earlier this month, but received a lot of last-minute tuning before it could be published! Finally, you will be able to play on a survival themed score attack styled map with some Middle-Earth charms! The download is small, and very simple, so you don’t need to worry about installing any crazy files!

What is the Holiday Event?!

I’m glad you asked! If you’re new, or missed any of the prior updates which briefly touched the subject, here’s a full explanation:

The LOME 2020 Easter Holiday Event is a competitive community map played solo by the player. The player will pick five heroes from a pool of roughly thirty heroes, and then be transported to an Easter loving land in Middl-Earth. From this point on, the player must use these heroes to defend their three Large Easter Eggs from destruction at the hands of the angry Easter Orcs, who wish to crush their eggs to pieces!

The player will face endless hordes of increasingly powerful odds until they can no longer stand up to the threat at hand. Along the way to help you is the Easter Armoury, which can be used to purchase upgrades for the heroes from the gold earned from fighting orcs and bosses; as well as special Tier-like upgrades. These unique upgrades can only be chosen once per tier, leaving the possibility for replayability open!

20200417174335 1

Use these varying upgrades, and a wide range of hero pool to diversify your playthroughs, and find a team that works the best among them all! There are many useful combos, as well as special teams! These special teams are made up of themed heroes, such as all Elves, or all Hobbits. Give them a try and see which fits best for you!

The game ends when all your eggs are destroyed! From which your score will be tallied up, and you will be prompted to take a screenshot. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENSHOT AND SUBMIT IT TO THE LOME DISCORD TO ENTER THE CONTEST!

20200417173933 1

Behold! The Mighty Large Easter Eggs! You must defend them with your life!

About the Contest Itself… How do I Win? What do I win?

In order to win, you must submit a screenshot to the Contests Channel of the LOME Discord, there is a link to the Discord in the mod’s header on the main page. There is also a link in your LOME 5.0.4 Patch Read Me files — Which is required to run this map! You can win by achieving the highest score among all entrants of the game!

What you will win is a replica CD box of Legends of Middle-Earth. The current case mock-up is about 7.5” x 5.5”, which features original design documents, a digital art book of LOME, and a disk containing the 5.0.4 patch (or whatever the current patch is at that time). the cover art of the box has been originally designed, and would make a great fit on any shelf! due to the global virus, shipping may be delayed until later this year.

The event is running from April 24 – May 25! Be sure to have your entries in by this time.

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Leave any comments or concerns with the map and event wherever you feel you can get a response quickest. And please, please, please remember to read the READ ME FILE! Thanks much (And especially a huge thanks to the lovely NickonHawk for his huge role in pulling this map together), and have fun everyone!

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