Evertried is a little bit Into The Breach, a little bit Hoplite

It would be too much to call Evertried an Into The Breach-like, but it does seem to contain my favourite feature from that modern turn-based classic. It’s that enemies move after you do, but telegraph their attacks first.

So I’ll dodge those attacks, set traps for those enemies, and climb Evertried’s isometric tower, when the game releases this autumn. For now, there’s a trailer below that shows it in action.

It otherwise seems to be following a similar structure to a lot of other recent games. The tower contains 50 floors split into five areas. Each area has a shop where you can trade for skills and modifiers, and a boss fight to overcome before you advance. If you fail, you’ll be dropped back to the first floor of the tower without the powers you acquired along the way, although the Steam page says skills will persist across runs.

There’s a story, too, which I wouldn’t care about except its characters seems to include a robed beak and a flame-haired pup. Cute.

If you’re as intriged as I am, there’s a demo from Evertried available from its Steam page. It’ll only be there until the end of DreamHack Beyond, however, on July 31st.

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