Every Single Fashion Moment In “Watermelon Sugar” – Refinery29

In the music video, between copious amounts of kissing, watermelon slices (of course), and rolling around on the beach, every trend we’ve been eyeing for summer 2020 makes a cameo. First, Harry’s oversized and tinted sunnies, an accessory that we’re predicting will replace the tiny eyewear of summer’s past any day now. Then, there’s an abundance of crocheted tops, bikinis, shorts, and vests. From there, you’ll find Harry in a cropped striped sweater, a skinny fringe scarf wrapped casually around his neck, and a pair of vintage-inspired ripped jeans. As you may have guessed, Styles’ longtime stylist Harry Lambert pulled the entire look straight from Gucci’s fall ‘20 menswear collection.  Source

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