EWS podcast episode 135: the best co-op games

After what’s becoming a chillingly regular meditation on the concept of Matthew extinguishing the lives of astronauts, this week’s podcast waded into some staunch reminiscence about classic co-op games on PC. Indeed, with Alice away this week, the boys were really method-acting the theme: two extraorfinarily buff soldiers, grimacing with war-weary determination against a horde of meandering, half-on-topic anecdotes.

Nate got way too excited about his idea for a Dance Dance Revolution mod based on Pacific Rim, Matthew got to show some love for the adorably brutish Gears Of War series, and stern warnings were given on the damage that Overcooked can do to relationships. The Cavern of Lies featured a short and utterly brutal RPG adaptation of the first level of Halo 2.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt, who can dual-wield clarinets.

This week, Matthew and Nate share fond memories of the time they no-lifed Borderlands 3 together for review, and somehow managed to link it to an earlier digression on the idea of a Tudor-themed wrestling pay-per-view event.

This “classic” image which Nate sometimes uses as a google hangouts background was partially explained.

Nate talks about how well Overcooked simulates the emotional intensity of kitchen work, and Matthew takes a claw hammer to the twist at the end of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Matthew also brings up the pure satisfaction of a well-played game of Kalimba, and Nate discusses the upcoming Ken Loach adaptation of Halo 2.

This week’s Theoretical London Aquarium Visit saw the big boys from the Gears Of War series take a trip to the underwhelming South Bank fish jail, scoring a solid win for Matthew in what is somehow now a competitive bit..

Recommendations this week are (surprise!) a Japanese crime novel from Matthew – All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe, which is about spiralling credit card debt – and the Harley Quinn animated show from Nate, which he had assumed was dreadful, but then watched because of his growing interest in King Shark, and found really funny.

This week, the official RPS aquarium remained in its existing and perfect state.

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