Expanding Fronts 1.3 Released!


It’s been a long wait for everybody, but we are finally proud to announce that Expanding Fronts 1.3 is now available, featuring two entirely new playable civilizations – the First Order and Resistance. Our latest build can be downloaded from the link below:

– New Civilizations: First Order and Resistance
– Multiple improvements to the AI for compatibility with Expanding Fronts content
– New singleplayer mission – The Battle of Jakku

– Improved multiplayer stability
– No longer requests write access to *.dat files which should prevent the game from crashing under rare circumstances
– Fixed multiplayer mouse lag
– Increased UI bar refresh rate

– (All civs) Cargo Freighters are now properly designated as air units and may only be targeted by aircraft and anti-air weapons
– (CF) Droid Upgrades now affects Mech units
– (CF) Mech Factories now work 15% faster
– (GO) Fixed Hvy AA Trooper bonus damage
– (RA) Astromech Repairs tech now properly affects Bombers. Cost increased to 400C, 600N from 350C, 400N. Research time increased to 135s from 100s
– Multiple Medics can now focus on healing a single unit when untasked
– Attackers now deal bonus damage to Assault Mechs
– Capturable resource-generating buildings have had their income amounts adjusted

– AI has been completely reworked to utilize the new EF civilizations and features, and to function more intelligently overall.

– NEW Scripts: Ajan Kloss, Baroonda, Cato Neimoidia, Crait, Dromund Kaas, Endor, Jabiim, Korriban, Kuat, Mimban, Pasaana, Pillio, Phindar, Polis Massa, Raxus Prime, Rhen Var, Ryloth, Sorgan, Vergesso Asteroids, Utapau, Wayland
– Most EF Random Map files have been combed for syntax errors/bugs and have been tweaked where necessary to be as uniformly written as possible
– Ahch-To: Updated with new animals
– Alderaan: Reduced number of hills, made forests denser, added rivers to landscape generation
– Dantooine: Updated with new animals
– Felucia: Script rewritten to create more consistent terrain generation
– Halm: Implemented new terrains
– Jakku: Implemented new terrains, improved resource distribution
– Jedha: Implemented new terrains
– Mustafar: Altered terrain generation to include lava rivers
– Saleucami: Rewrote script with entirely new terrains, land generation, and props
– Scarif: Reworked terrain generation for a more consistently-shaped and realistic landmass
– Starkiller Base: Improved forest generation
– Sullust – Improved resource distribution
– Takodana: Improved forest generation, implemented scattered forest patches composed of random tree selections for a more unique look
– Generating a Random Map with syntax errors in the Scenario Editor will display the first found error on the top panel of the Editor interface

– (CF) Attacker- Fixed allignment issues during attack animation
– (CF) Hvy Anti-Air Destroyer – Now displays proper graphics set while moving
– (CF) Worker – Corrected issue where unit graphics would disappear in certain animations
– (CF) Transport Mech – Fixed some paleette and anchoring issues
– (GE) Shock Trooper – Fixed player color issues
– (GE) Jump Trooper – Added missing shadow graphics
– (GN) Interceptors, Attackers, and Transport Mechs have new graphics
– (GO) Sith Apprentice now properly upgrades to Sith Knight, instead of appearing as Night Sisters
– (RA) Ewok Skirmisher – Projectile graphics and sound restored
– (RA) Ewok Catapult – Now has unique projectile visuals and sound
– (RP) Nu-Class Attack Shuttle – Fixed anchor and projectile firing positions
– (RP) RX-200 – Fixed anchoring
– (ZC) Now has unique Aquaharvester graphics
– (ZC) Pummel – Fixed anchoring
– (ZC) Gate – adjusted anchor of door graphics
– (ZC) Mounted Trooper – Fixed movement sounds
– (ZC) Nightsister Hunter – Made adjustments to unit sounds
– Rain puddle objects are now animated
– Improved rain effect for better visibility
– Game palette updated to add more color options in red, purple, and aqua hues
– Reduced volume and frequency of unit footsteps, vehicly flybys and idle animal sounds
– Fixed anchor points on several Tatooine buildings
– Fixed anchor points for editor console objects
– Fixed artifact on Muunilinst Building 9
– Fixed fire positioning on several buildings
– Added new impact and explosion sounds for numerous weapons

– (GE) Fighters – Fixed upgrade icons
– (GO) and (ZC) Medic now display proper names
– (GO) Beast Training and Enhanced Dexterity – Fixed icons
– (GO) Walker Research and Battlefield Scanners no longer appear as available on Geonosian tech tree
– (RP) Air Cruiser Boost – Moved to Fortress
– (RP) Fighters – Fixed upgrade icons
– (TF) Transport Mech – Unit now uses proper icon
– (ZC) Phased Pulse Cannons now properly appears on tech tree
– Fixed Tech Tree widescreen background
– Changed Meditation, Chain Lightning and Sight Beyond Sight Temple tech icon slots to avoid icon overlap
– Airbase tech descriptions now properly refer to Interceptor and Attackers for relevant techs
– Units and Tech buttons for most production buildings have been rearranged for improved icon placement
– Made adjustments to “Jedi/Sith” naming in Tech descriptions
– Anti-Air unit displayed attack stat changed from Air Cruiser to Light Air bonus
– Achievement screen timeline uses a better color set
– Flares on minimap are larger and are displayed in player color
– Slow Down and Speed Up buttons while playing a recorded game now allow finer speed adjustments
– Tech Level advancement notifications are now displayed in player color
– Increased chat display time from 10 to 15 seconds
– Achievements can be viewed at any time while watching a recorded game
– Chat is always displayed when watching a recorded game regardless of selected player
– Switch between players while watching a recorded game with <ALT>+<#>
– Added post-game player disconnect notifications
– Gates can now be rotated manually for placement with the mouse wheel
– Restored games can now be recorded
– Building jump hotkeys will now prioritize powered structures
– Double-clicking control group hotkeys centers view more accurately
– <Ctrl>+<Right Click> can now be used to target objects hidden behind other objects
– <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Right Click> can now be used to task units without targeting
– Added Keydown Object Hotkeys option
– Added Dark Minimap Grey option

– NEW Trigger Effect: Declare Defeat
– Additional units, heroes, and props added
– Freeze Unit: Now has options to change unit attack stances
– Patrol: Can now select objects by area and/or unit type
– Snap/Scroll View: Can now select unit or object as the camera target
– Fixed Error in ReloadCooldownPercent variable calculation
– Multiple new Terrains added

– Included updated versions of the Computer Player Strategy Builder Guide and the Random Map Scripting Guide in the Game\Extras folder
– Command Centers now properly cost resources to repair in Tech Level 1
– Fixed exploit that allowed players to gain Ore by repairing Fortresses under certain conditions
– Removed Water 1 + Shallows restriction from Shipyards and added a new terrain table so they can be properly placed on new Tropical Waters
– Fixed elevation view centering bug

Demo 20200505B


For many of us – developers included – the wait for 1.3 has been a long and often frustrating one. Adding a single new civilization to the game, let alone two at once, is a massive undertaking from both the art and engineering side of things. To make matters worse, none of us were expecting to get smacked by a global pandemic which further put a damper on our ability to work on the mod.

We know that some folks became quite upset during the wait, but the team can rather proudly say that we waited as long as we did to ensure that our players got the best end-product possible, and we hope that you’ll see this in today’s update.

Moving forward, we’re hoping to get additional updates pushed out at a faster pace than before. We’ve only scratched the surface of our future plans for the mod, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more content in the near future.

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