Explorer: Final Version

Swadian fields at dawn

Hello fine friends,

As a special treat during this lengthy global pandemic, I have finished another version of the Explorer mod.

This is going to be the last version – but that does not mean there are not more exciting projects on the way. Come join the Discord server to see what else is coming!

Explore a massive “open” world

Travel across the lands with your trusty steed and loyal followers! Fill in your map while discovering the hundreds of different unique locations in Explorer. No more clicking through menus – just play the game!

Ride with your companions – or take to the skies and soar as a raven.

Raven hovering over merchant villas

Collect Companions to build your army

Will you find your recruits among the seedy mercenaries lurking in smoky taverns? Will you accept only the most honourable knights to your service? Or perhaps join the Merchant’s guild and surround yourself with traders and guardsmen?

Inside of a Market in Shariz

All your units are unique individuals with their own name, face, stats, equipment. Upgrade your party over time as you win battles! But beware the enemy heroes…

Ally yourself to a faction

Join a faction through a town Guild, or earn the favour of a local ruler with quests and persuasion – then build your influence in your faction, leading their armies and conquering your enemies!

Player camp with allied army

Fight epic battles and sieges

Everywhere you go, you must be on the lookout! Bandit hordes, ravenous wolves, or elite army raiders may be lurking beyond any tree or hill. Watch parties travel around, spot enemies, and form their battle-lines!

Besiege walled castles or raid enemy outposts and encampments!

Aftermath of a camp attack

BrainyBots combat AI and battle tactics+formations+morale mean that every battle will be unique and exciting, and also very deadly. Mount&Blade has never been tougher, so beware!


Discover the world of Calradia, find hidden secrets known only to you; encounter unique enemies, find special loot, and forgotten places. Observe, influence, or take control of a medieval world on an unprecedented scale!

It's a bear


These are changes from the previous Alpha and Beta versions of Explorer. This is not an exhaustive feature list!

There’s too many features to list all of them!

  • Fixed many issues when running the game without Warband Script Enhancer: WSE no longer required for any features!
  • Changed, fixed, added dialogue for NPCs
  • NPCs can give the player some quests
  • Players can now attack outposts/bridges/bandit hideouts/fortresses, etc, if they belong to an enemy
  • Join the Merchants, Mercenaries, or Manhunters guild in towns to recruit those faction units
  • Bandits can take over deserted villages
  • Castle gates can open and close, including during sieges! Fight your way from the walls to the gatehouse!
  • Campaign AI
  • Banners work properly on NPC parties
  • New troops and troop trees for many factions, including bandits
  • unique animal and bandit types added
  • Some animals can be aggressive
  • AI parties can set up camps
  • Added and re-added music tracks
  • Reduced volume of horse sounds
  • Reduced frequency of shouting/ horse snort/whinny
  • When units spot an enemy and become alarmed, they will shout or taunt, alerting nearby friendlies
  • Formations: Press F4 while in a battle to setup formations (must be an enemy present)
  • AI will also use battle tactics/formations
  • Troop stat balancing
  • Added a starting screen OSP (thanks to Windyplains and mercury19)
  • Many more parties to encounter on the map, bandits, caravans, villagers, etc…
  • Added some new mercenary and bandit fortresses

Credits can be found in the file description. I would also like to give a special thanks to the entire M&B modding community! I am proud to have been a part of such a unique and friendly community.

Thanks for reading!

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