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New Extreme E climate-aware SUV unleashed

Extreme E has announced a two-day elimination racing format for its inaugural season next year.

The series will race all-electric SUVs across five remote territories to raise awareness around climate issues, and has already signed up several drivers.

Each ‘X-Prix’ will involve several sprint races, with an equal mix of male and female competitors.

Extreme E will be broadcast live across the BBC, starting in Dakar, Senegal, 23-24 January 2021.

The races will take place over two laps lasting approximately 16km, where four teams – comprising one male and one female driver – race head to head.

Qualifying takes place on day one to determine the top four runners who will progress through into a semi-final, with the top three making the final.

The bottom four of qualifying go on to the ‘crazy race’, in which the fastest team goes through to make up the four finalists.

The final will decide which team wins the overall X-Prix.

Another feature is ‘hyperdrive’, which will award an additional boost of speed to the team who performs the longest jump on the first jump of each race.

Each race location across the world has been affected by climate change. Races will be held in diverse locations such as the Arctic and the Amazon – where scientists affiliated to the sport will also investigate the affects on each country.

The series will house all the teams, scientists and equipment on the RMS St Helena ship, which will sail to each location.

Provisional Extreme E Season 1 (2021) calendar

23-24 January: Lac Rose, Dakar, Senegal

5-6 March: Al-‘Ula, Saudi Arabia

14-15 May: Kali Gandaki Valley, Mustang District, Nepal

28-29 August: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

30-31 October: Santarem, Para, Brazil

The RMS St Helena will become a “floating paddock” for Extreme E

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