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Nothing could stop the Fashion and Design Society from sharing their creativity with the Syracuse University community, not even unforeseen rain showers.

FADS hosted their latest fashion show titled “Revival” to almost 200 members of the SU community on Sunday. Initially, a screening of the show was going to be offered at the Quad, but the show was forced to run entirely over Zoom due to the weather. The event is the student organization’s second since the pandemic.

Before the show started, Aanya Singh, an SU senior and executive producer of “Revival,” expressed the purpose behind the show to the audience. She described it as a testament to letting yourself and your heart run free.

Singh also described the ordeal of moving the event from the Quad to Zoom as bittersweet, as it wasn’t the way she wanted to end her time at FADS and SU. After she spoke, Emily Goldberg, the show’s fashion director, acknowledged Singh and her four years of hard work.


“Aanya, we know you put your blood, sweat and tears into this organization,” Goldberg said. “We want to thank you for building this incredible creative outlet.”

The first half of the show displayed a background containing different symbols of Greek imagery, such as Greek columns and statues of different gods. Electronic music also played as the models started to walk on screen.

The first model to come out, Bailey Davis, wore a simple white dress bedazzled with silver linings. Immediately afterward, another model came out wearing a black dress accessorized with black wristbands and heels.

Toward the end of the first half of the show, the first two models came back on screen, except they were conversing in front of a wall with images from ancient Greek buildings.

Singh led the transition to the second half of the show while walking through a building. She began to climb up the stairs holding a lantern, and left the virtual audience wondering where she was going.

The first model of the second half was dressed in a white tank top and khaki pants, and walked out to “Gain Clout” by Young Thug. The setting was a contrast of the first half, showcasing a studio complex with a red carpet laid in the middle for models to walk on. The background was filled with objects including a wooden ladder, a luxury couch and the word “Revival” spray painted in red on the window.

Throughout the rest of the second half, models came out in a variety of different clothes such as a tanned outfit with a fishnet top, a black dress with a transparent bottom and a puffy white jacket that resembled angel wings.

Toward the end of the second and final half of the show, a group of models sat and laid down in various places, with each model wearing different clothing. Two female models on opposing sides of the room also held wine glasses, with a model in a blood red dress holding a glass with grapes, while a model in a black dress held a glass containing what looked like water.


When the show ended, the audience cheered and demanded an encore. Before ultimately concluding the show, Singh took time to thank everybody at FADS.

“Once again I want to thank everybody who put up with me.” Singh said while reminiscing her past four years at FADS. “We really created something amazing.”


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