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Photo credit: Chloe Cabrales

By Chloe Cabrales  

Contributing Writer  

As summer comes to an end, fall is waltzing on over. The days have become chillier as the leaves ride on the autumn breeze. This sudden change in atmosphere has just begun and it is time to change our closets and fall in love with these fashion trends. 

Fall fashion is all about highlighting timeless, spirited pieces all while encouraging joy. Given that we are coming out of the global pandemic, this is the perfect time to reinvent ourselves. So, when thinking about choosing that perfect fall outfit, consider the mood and color palettes that come with this beautiful season. Because fall tends to emphasize a warm color palette, consider choosing colors such as olive greens, maple leaf reds, autumn oranges; let’s play with that and create your outfit. 

Pantone says that the color of the year is illuminating yellow and ultimate grey, so let’s carry out that tip. Possible uses of these colors in your outfits — through a warmer approach — would be spicy mustard yellows and charcoal grays. They are examples of excellent colors. 

Once you have decided on a color scheme for your outfit, let’s think about designs, textures, and fabrics. Plaids, suedes, authentic wools, leathers, and layering are all examples of staples in fall styling. I have composed an outfit here that is fashionable and trendy. 

You will see that I am playing with layering in this look, thereby incorporating the white puff-sleeved turtleneck sweater under the grey gingham plaid bodycon dress and the black embellished rhinestone tights. To top it all off and create the contrast in the color scheme, I added a belted spicy-mustard trench coat, a black leather tote bag, black suede ankle strap heels, and a cute spicy-mustard beret. All these pieces are easily found in your local mall. 

Perfect for a school day or a night out in the city, you will turn heads anywhere you go! 

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