Fallout 76 weapons: where to find the bow in Wastelanders

All the weapon stats

Fallout 76 has more stuff trying to kill you than ever before. It’s not just the local mutated fauna as other players are likely to shoot first. You’ll need good weapons to defend yourself: melee weapons, ranged weapons, maybe an explosive or two. Perhaps the only way to get an enemy off your back for good is to make them eat a Fat Man nuke.

Fallout 76 weapons guide

While the weapons aren’t massively different in how they shoot things compared to the weapons from Fallout 4, they now have levels in addition to the multiple mods you can add to them. In this Fallout 76 weapons guide, we will go over how to make weapons, where to find and applying weapon mods, and where to find the bow in the Wastelanders update.

Those looking for a guide to get started with Fallout 76 should have a look at our Fallout 76 guide. Weapons work in very much the same way they’ve always had, but there’s a couple of things to keep an eye out for, such as the condition of your weapons.

How to craft weapons in Fallout 76

At any weapon workbench, you can make your own weapons provided that you have the relevant materials. These require recipes for that weapon. You’ll need to scavenge the world for notes of the relevant weapon, or to break down any copies of that weapon you have crafted.

The workbench is also conveniently where you repair items, which is important because broken weapons do nothing for you. Weapons in perfect conditions can be scrapped for an increased chance to obtain the recipe for that weapon.

Keep an eye on condition

One of the stranger and unexplained things about Fallout 76 is that no matter which weapon you create or find out in the wild, it will have a different maximum condition. For a visual demonstration of this, click play on the GIF above. Note how the maximum condition will go up and down despite the fact that both weapons are the same type of weapon, have the same stats, and don’t have any modifications attached to them.

That isn’t to say that modifications don’t do anything at all as they definitely affect your condition. Weapons also degrade quite quickly, so make sure that you have a fair quantity of junk to repair your gear with.

How to get the bow in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

With the Wastelanders update, there are some new weapons that were introduced. One of them is the bow and the easiest way to it is to buy the recipe. The recipe can be found at either one of the vendors in the new settlements: the raider stronghold at the crashed space station in the northern part of Appalachia, or the settler town of Foundation near Spruce Knob to the south.

You can buy the plans for the bow for roughly 300 caps once you have got a relationship status of at least “cautious”. Once you’ve bought it, make sure you’ve read the recipe. The recipe will be listed in the machine guns list and is crafted in the tinker workbench.

If you want to save on caps though, there’s a quest at the Wayward that if you complete, you’ll get the recipe for the bow.

Getting the compound bow

Do you want something with a little more punch? There is a compound bow that you can get, but you need to put in a lot more work to get it. Keep doing favours for one of the two factions (Settlers or Raiders) to increase their approval of you to “ally”.

This is the highest rating and will give you access to more items via their vendors. Find out more about the factions in our Fallout 76 factions guide.

Obtaining mod recipes in Fallout 76

The simplest way to grab modification recipes is to scrap weapons. You’ll get a random recipe for a mod that you can then craft and attach to your weapon of choice.

These mods can do anything from putting a new sight onto a gun, to turning a machete’s blade into a serrated blade to add a bleed effect per hit. It’s worth gathering some extra gear whenever you see a workbench nearby, just so you can nab those recipes.

What are exceptional weapons?

Naturally, there are certain weapons that are just flat out better than others, or indeed “Exceptional”. The ways you obtain them are either based on completing certain Events or quests. These weapons are usually based off a particular base weapon, say a Snubnosed .44 Pistol, and add more stuff on top of that. These weapons can’t be scrapped either, so you don’t need to fret too much about anything other than maintaining them.

Some of these weapons, namely the Voice of Set and Blade of Bastet, can be upgraded at weapon workbenches as you increase in level as well. Below are all the Exceptional weapons that are in the game, as well as where to find them.

Weapon Name Weapon Type Buffs (if any) Location
All Rise Two-handed melee N/A Complete the side quest “Mayor for a Day”.
Ancient Blade One-handed melee (Sword) N/A Complete the Event quest “Breach and Clear” in The Ash Heap.
Chance to drop.
Anti-Scorched Training Pistol 10mm Automatic Pistol +25% damage to Scorched.
-20% damage to all other foes.
Obtained just before entering the Belching Betty mine in the quest “Into the Fire”.
Black Diamond One-handed melee N/A Complete quest “Flavors of Mayhem”
Blade of Bastet One-handed melee Increases the armour penetration when hitting enemies.

The armour penetration is increased when wearing the Eye of Ra outfit.

Complete quest “Forging a Legend”.
Bunker Buster Heavy Gun (Explosive) N/A Complete quest “One of Us”.
Camden Whacker One-handed melee (blunt) N/A Spend Fuzzy Tokens accrued in Camden Park shop. Tokens can be obtained with the Daily Quest in Camden Park.
Daisy Cutter Heavy Gun (Explosive) N/A Complete side quest “An Organic Panic”.
The Dragon Non-automatic Rifle (Exotic Weapon) Extra limb damage and an increased chance to cripple. N/A
Dross Thrown Weapon – not useful. None – not useful. Picked up during Daily Quest “Mistaken Identity” in Camden Park. Not useful outside of that quest.
Grant’s Saber One-handed melee (Sword) N/A Obtained during quest “Forging a Legend”.
Meteoric Sword One-handed melee (Sword) +10% damage against humans.
90% reduced weight and 50% increased durability.
Event: Lode Baring in The Ash Heap
Only a certain chance to drop when completing the event.
Nailer One-handed melee (Sword) Increased damage given at lower HP. Event: One Violent Night in Savage Divide.
Chance to drop.
Paddle Ball Exotic Weapon N/A Spend Fuzzy Tokens accrued in Camden Park shop. Tokens can be obtained with the Daily Quest in Camden Park.
Pumpkin Grenades Grenade Target takes additional damage and radiation for 5 seconds. Complete Daily Quest “Trick or Treat” in Pumpkin House (Savage Divide)
Pyrolyzer Heavy Gun (Energy) Reduces your target’s damage output by 20% for 3 seconds when hit. Reward for Side quest: “Tracking Unknowns”.
Rose’s Syringer Pipe Gun (Exotic) N/A (low damage, but needed for the quest.) Obtained during the beginning of Rose’s main quest “Flavors of Mayhem”.
Somerset Special .44 Non-automatic Pistol (Scoped) N/A Complete Event “Back on the Beat” in Morgantown (The Forest)
Voice of Set Non-automatic Pistol Adds electric-based damage when hitting robot enemies.
Increased damage and a chance to stun robots when wearing the Eye of Ra.
Complete quest “Prototypical Problems”.
Vox Syringer Pipe Gun (Exotic) Enables your target to speak. Start the Daily Qurest “Someone to Talk To” in Monongah (Savage Divide)

Fallout 76 weapon stats

There are a huge number of weapons that you can create at workbenches. Each one has an associated level with it, so naturally the better the level, the better the stats. It’s also worth noting that the corresponding bullets for ranged weapons can be created at Tinker’s workbenches.

There are three tables below that describe all of the ranged weapons, melee weapons, and all of the legendary weapon effects.

Ranged weapons

Weapon Name Base damage Base Fire rate Base Range Base Weight
.44 Pistol 49 6 84/156 4.3
10mm Pistol 16 43 120/228 4.3
10mm SMG 12 91 84/156 6.2
50 Cal Machine Gun 18 91 204/395 28.8
Anti-Scorched Training Pistol 12 75 108 4.4
Assault Rifle 17 40 120/228 13.2
Auto Grenade Launcher 118 91 395 18
Black Powder Blunderbuss 108 4 12 3
Black Powder Pistol 108 4 204/395 3
Black Powder Rifle 132 4 204/395 6
Broadsider 104 3 204/395 24.4
Combat Rifle 27 33 120/228 11.2
Combat Shotgun 61 20 72/180 11.9
Crossbow 100 4 168/359 7.2
Cryolator 14 (energy) 286 120/228 13.3
Double Barrel Shotgun 87 36 180 9.6
The Dragon 170 4 419 6
Enclave Plasma Gun 18 (+18 Energy) 33 120/228 4
Fat Man 473 4 117 20.5
Flamer 26 (Energy) 91 72 16.1
Flare Gun 5 6 147 2
Gamma Gun 33 (+50 Rad) 67 228 3.1
Gatling Gun 27 105 120/228 28.4
Gatling Laser 9 (Energy) 273 204/395 19.4
Gatling Plasma 16 (Energy) 91 204/395 30.6
Gauss Rifle 235 67 204/39 15.8
Handmade Rifle 20 40 120/228 13.6
Harpoon Gun 141 2 120 16.4
Hunting Rifle 45 3 132/240 9.6
Laser Pistol 10 (Energy) 50 120 4
Lever Action Rifle 82 5 123/231 9
Light Machine Gun 16 929 156/247 21.6
M79 Grenade Launcher 92 4 120/228 8.9
Minigun 25 273 395 27.5
Missile Launcher 124 4 395 21
Paddle Ball 1 25 12 2
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol 40 3 92/168 3.2
Pipe Pistol 14 60 84/156 4.7
Pipe Revolver 40 6 84/156 3.2
Nuka Quantum Grenade 300 N/A N/A
Plasma Pistol 20 (+20 Energy) 33 120/228 4
Pump Action Shotgun 67 5 72/180 11.2
Radium Rifle 30 (+13 Rad damage) 40 120/228 11.9
Railway Rifle 99 10 120/228 14.4
Rose’s Syringer 1 4 156 1.3
Salvaged Assaultron Head 72 (Energy) 4 94 8
Single Action Revolver 45 6 204/395 6.2
Submachine Gun 12 91 84 6.15
Syringer 1 4 156 5.3
Tesla Rifle 48 (Energy) 40 120/228 8.2
Ultracite Gatling Laser 16 (Energy) 273 204/395 19.4
Ultracite Laser Pistol 24 (Energy) 50 120/228 4
Voice of Set 56 6 84 4.6
Vox Syringer 1 4/7 204/395 2.3
Western Revolver 67 6 120/228 5.3
Baseball Grenade 125 N/A 94 1
Cryogenic Grenade 100 N/A 94 0.5
Dross 5 N/A 94 0.5
Fragmentation Grenade 150 N/A 94 0.5
Fragmentation Grenade MIRV 100 N/A 94 1
Hallucigen Gas Grenade 1 (causes frenzy) N/A 94 1
Molotov Cocktail 50 (8 Energy) N/A 94 0.5
Nuka Grenade 250 (125 Rads) N/A 94 0.5
Nuka Quantum Grenade 300 (125 Rads) N/A 94 0.5
Orbital Scan Beacon 1 (Energy) – marks enemies N/A 94 0.5
Orbital Strike Beacon 1 – Throws an orbital missile platform at the designated location. N/A 94 1
Plasma Grenade 200 (200 energy) N/A 94 0.5
Pulse Mine 175 (175 energy) N/A 94 0.5
Pumpkin Grenade 80 (40 Rads) N/A 94 0.5
Throwing Knives 75 N/A 12 0.25
Tomahawk 100 N/A 12 0.7
Cryo Mine 175 N/A 94 0.5
Explosive Bait 200 N/A 94 0.5
Fragmentation Mine 150 N/A 94 0.5
Nuke Mine 250 (125 Rads) N/A 94 0.5
Plasma Mine 200 (200 Energy) N/A 94 0.5
Pulse Mine 175 (175 Energy) N/A 94 0.5

Melee weapons

Weapon Name Base damage Speed Weight
Ancient Blade 24 Medium 3
Assaultron Blade 32 Medium 3
Baseball Bat 35 Slow 3
Binoculars 7 (not intended as a weapon) Fire Rate: 1
Range: 117
Blade of Bastet 53 Medium 3
Board 31 Slow 3
Bowie Knife 17 Fast 1
Boxing Glove 23 Medium 1
Camden Whacker 6 Medium 2
Chainsaw 1 Speed: 45
Range: 12
Chinese Officer Sword 25 Medium 3
Combat Knife 15 Fast 1
Commie Whacker 6 Medium 2
Cultist Blade 29 Medium 3
Cultist Dagger 20 Fast 1
Death Tambo 28 Medium 0.5
Deathclaw Gauntlet 48 Medium 10
Drill 22 Very Fast 2.4
Fire Axe 42 Slow 3
Golf Club 31 Slow 3
Grant’s Saber 26 Medium 3
Grognak’s Axe 40 Medium 10
Guitar Sword 40 Medium 3
Hatchet 22 Medium 3
Knuckles 17 Medium 0.5
Lead Pipe 17 Medium 3
Machete 22 Medium 2
Meat Hook 25 Medium 2
Meteoric Sword 36 Medium 0.3
Mole Miner Gauntlet 33 Medium 15
Mr. Handy Buzz Blade 51 Very Fast 10
Multi-purpose Axe 31 Slow 4
Nailer 32 Medium 3
Pickaxe 37 Slow 3.5
Pipe Wrench 24 Medium 2
Pitchfork 24 Medium 2
Pole Hook 46 Slow 7
Pool Cue 31 Slow 1
Power Fist 48 Medium 4
Protest Sign 11 Slow 3
Revolutionary Sword 25 Medium 3
Ripper 4 Very Fast 6
Rolling Pin 15 Medium 1
Security Baton 23 Medium 2
Shishkebab 41 (+37 Energy) Medium 3
Shovel 17 Slow 6
Sickle 22 Medium 3
Ski Sword 35 Medium 3
Sledgehammer 46 Slow 12
Spear 25 Medium 2
Super Sledge 77 Slow 20
Switchblade 28 Fast 1
Tire Iron 22 Medium 2
Walking Cane 22 Medium 2
War Drum 45 Slow 20

Legendary weapon effects

Sometimes you’ll randomly find some especially good weapons out in the field, mostly on legendary enemies. If an enemy has a star next to its name and is randomly restoring its health, these are the enemies that have a good chance of dropping legendary gear.

You may receive good weapons as part of a quest reward too. Given that they’re randomised drops, we can’t give you much more advice  than that to track down legendary weapons, but here are the ones we’ve seen in the game thus far:

Modifier name Modifier description
Anti-Scorched +25% damage to Scorched.
-20% damage to all other enemies.
Anti-Tank Ignores 50% of target’s armour.
Assassin’s +10% damage to human players.
Berserker’s Deal more damage to enemies if you have low damage resistance.
Bloodied Deal more damage when at lower health.
Concussive +33% chance to hit with VATS.
Executioner’s +50% damage when target foe is below 40% health.
Explosive Bullets explode for an additional 15 damage when fired. It has an area of affect.
Exterminator’s +50% damage to Mirelurks and bugs.
Furious Each consecutive hit on the same target will increase the damage they take.
Ghoul Slayer’s +50% damage to Ghoul enemies.
Hunter’s +50% damage to animals.
Instigating Deal double damage to target if target is at full health.
Junkie’s Deals more damage based on the number of Chem withdrawal effects you are currently suffering from.
Medic’s Dealing VATS Critical damage heals you and your group.
Mutant’s +10% damage if you are mutated.
Mutant Slayer’s +30% damage to Super Mutant enemies.
Never Ending Unlimited ammunition capacity when firing this weapon.
Nocturnal Increases damage during the nighttime as it progresses.
Reduced damage during daytime hours.
Stalker’s +100% VATS accuracy at 50% of the AP cost if not in combat.
Suppressor’s Reduce your target’s damage output by 20% for 3 seconds.
Troubleshooter’s +30% damage to robot enemies.
Two Shot Each shot fires an extra projectile.
Vampiric Restores a small chunk of health when the weapon is swung/fired. If it’s a melee weapon, it doesn’t have to hit an enemy.
Zealot’s +30% damage to Ghouls.

Fallout 76 guide series

These are all of the Fallout 76 weapons. We hope you’ll check back soon as there’s the many quests that the game has throughout the ruined world of Appalachia, what each perk card does, and what you need to craft certain weapons. But for now, do check out the rest of our guides below:

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