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Wasting no time, Fashion for Good has gotten the 14 start-ups recently selected for its accelerator program get started.

The latest roster was selected from among 22 entrepreneurial companies during Fashion for Good’s virtual selection day. The chosen start-ups are offering solutions for raw materials, processing, end-of-use, digital acceleration, plastics and impact tracking, among other topics. As participants, they are receiving mentoring, guidance and industry expertise to help scale up their technological businesses.

Representing what is Fashion for Good’s eighth batch of innovators are Alchemie, AnamXR, Biophilica, ECO2Dye, LignoPure, Living Ink, Made2Flow, MTI-X, OSM-Shield, Perfitly, Rescoll, Stony Creek Colors, The Hurd Co. and Traceless.

A few of the start-ups have received seed funding or investments. The U.K.-based Alchemie Technology, for example, received an investment last month from At One Ventures and the H&M Group’s investment arm, H&M Co:Lab to support its rollout of clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions. LignoPure recently secured a $2.6 million investment with High-Tech Grunderfonds, Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg GmbH and Swiss Holding Tanovis AG. This investment will allow LignoPure to scale up production of 100 percent LignoBase, ultrafine, high-quality lignin particles that will be primarily used in cosmetics as a substitute for harmful fossil-based materials.

The Hurd. Co. specializes in making fabric from agricultural waste with agrilose, a sustainable fiber feedstock pulp. And Stony Creek Colors is partnering with farmers, mills and brands to develop consistent bio-based dyes.

By working with Fashion for Good, all the start-ups will be able to gain insights and information from the 20 global brands that are partners with the Amsterdam-based organization. The nine-month program, which was lengthened last year, is designed to provide the innovators with adequate support to finesse pilot development and more comprehensive coaching sessions. The end goal is to prepare them to be able to scale up their technologies once they complete the incubator program. Before that happens, each will be monitored by Fashion for Good representatives and their partners throughout this year and be given impact assessments and market validation to set a course to build up their respective businesses.

The new roster of innovators has the most female-led start-ups to date. Six of the 14 participating start-ups were founded or cofounded by women.

Katrin Ley, Fashion for Good’s managing director, said in a statement, “The world needs innovation to lead the vanguard on positive, long-term climate action and sustainability. The case for supporting innovative start-ups such as these who are driving the change is looking stronger than ever.”

After completing the first orientation program with Fashion for Good Tuesday, Jeremy Windham, a brand and business manager at OSM-Shield, said, “It’s an incredible group of people and innovators. It’s going to lend us access to a variety of people, companies and resources that are out there to help us push our efforts along as well as collaborate with other innovators.”

Working with Adidas, one of Fashion for Good’s partners, would be amazing, he said. The nine-year-old company recently opened an innovation center and headquarters just outside of Denver. OSM provides high-performance finishes to a wide variety of fabrics. There are high-performance hydrophobic finishes that offer repellencies, stain release and oil and odor resistance among other features. There are also wicking finishes, antimicrobial and other features.

Through the accelerator program, the company will be focusing on its new zero product, a non-PFAS classification of repellent chemistry. OSM also offers one-sided or dual-sided functionality on one fabric via a precise spray mechanism that could allow, for example, its repellent spray on one side and the wicking chemistry on the other side of a fabric.

Through the accelerator program, one of the company’s goals is to launch its zero product. “The cool thing about being with Fashion for Good is the collaboration and the new partnerships, friendships and innovations that we will make along the way. It’s a whole new world and we’re really excited about the possibilities of it.”


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