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Marquette students dressed in brightly colored clothes, skirts, T-shirts jump together in anticipation for warmer weather. Marquette Wire stock photo

It may be hard to imagine now, but summer is on its way. Whether it consists of six feet apart rendezvous or going back to our normal routines, the warm weather will soon be here, and we must be ready to dress accordingly. 

Online shopping has grown increasingly popular in the past five years or so, and although I am an in-store shopper tried and true, I have adjusted to online shopping in light of our current times. Clothing companies have done an impeccable job of sending out emails and adjusting their message, daring us to yearn for those coveted summer months — and I’ve taken the bait. Here are a few staple items that should reserve a spot in your wardrobe this summer season. 

The Summer Shift

A light, figure-flatting dress made for an array of occasions in summer’s hot months, the summer shift silhouette can be found in nearly any texture, pattern or color, making it a perfectly suitable style to showcase individuality. My dream summer shift is in a delectable silk. There’s something about silk that screams chic, classy, comfortable. In other words, my personal mantra. Whatever you may be yearning for in a one-piece wonder, chances are you can find it in a summer shift dress.

Chunky Clogs

A break-out shoe last summer season, the chunky clog isn’t quite ready to get out of the spotlight yet. And we should all be thankful. One of my personal favorites, a clog brings a natural lift and definition to the body, while simultaneously elevating one’s outfit. Abiding by a uniform shape and narrow color range, the chunky clog is a classic. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Rich brown, black and light mahogany colored clogs are the foundation to the perfect summer ensemble. 

Here’s a list of a few more pieces you may want to stock up on:

1. Athleisure-esque Biker Shorts. Perfect for errands, lounging around your house or dressing up for a night on the town, biker shorts are easy to wear and flattering for all. Pair with a longer T-shirt for a modest, relaxed look or pair with a button down to dress these shorts up. 

2. Bodysuits. Always a good idea to have a few of these lying around. Wearing an outfit has never been so simple: throw on your favorite body suit, a pair of denim, some sandals, accessorize to your own satisfaction and you’re good to go.

3. Slip Skirts. Slinky, sexy, cool. These mid-calf loose-fitting skirts are all the rage this summer. They make it easy to be comfortable while maintaining an element of put-togetherness that no other piece can. Opt for a tucked-in T-shirt or crop top, some sandals or chunky clogs, and you’re dressed for summer, day or night.

This story was written by Mary Hanna. She can be reached at [email protected]


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