Fashion Show Sets: 20 Of The Most Iconic – Harper’s BAZAAR

The clothes on display at runway shows might do the majority of the talking, but oftentimes, the runway set or location can make just as strong a statement.
In fact, some fashion show sets are so iconic, they’ve become permanently etched into our memories, and are synonymous with some of the most iconic moments in fashion.
In some cases, it can mean showing in the grandest overseas locations—take Louis Vuitton‘s Cruise ’17 show in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, or Fendi’s autumn/winter ’07 show at where else, but the Great Wall of China.
Other times, houses with extensive budgets can afford to construct conceptual runways that heighten the meanings of their clothes. The late Karl Lagerfeld was a master of this, and transported his Chanel clients to a different world every time he held one of his anticipated shows at the Grand Palais in Paris.
Scroll down for 20 of the most memorable fashion show runway sets of all time.


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