Felucia Conquest – CIS Gameplay

Hello there! Today I’m showing a CW gameplay of my newest mod: BATTLEFRONT-1035, a mod that aims to recreate EA’s battlefront 2 multiplayer gameplay with new units, heroes, vehicles and more. This is conquest gamemode on Felucia, playing as the CIS team. You can see the gameplay of the Roket SBD, Droideka and Count Dooku. You can also see some additional props that have been added to the stock map, like Rancors and the jungle CIS drod skins. I’m playing on the rezzed version of the vanilla maps made by Harrisonfog, the new props are just an extra layer of objects that will be added on top of the map, vanilla or rezzed makes no difference, it will work anyway. I’ll keep showing more gameplay of the mod, other units, heroes, gamemodes and maps on this new channel, so if you want to be updated you are welcome to subrscribe and follow the moddb page. D35

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