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The fashion archives are open and we are deep within the pages. While 2019 had some amazing moments, these 3, took the CAKE!

2019 was a HUGE year for fashion. With the MET Gala and Cannes red carpet, we had too many things to talk about when it came to fashion. Even in Indian fashion we had fashion newbies like Ananya and Alaya F. stealing the show and we even had stalwarts like Kangana really making things happen with their looks. There were plunging necklines, dress changes on the red carpet, diamonds dripping, supremely tight corsets and so much more.

So technically I would be doing a disservice to the year if I said these were the best moments or the top 3, but these fashion moments that I am about to recall really made us want to stop, stare and take notice.  

Back in time


Jenny from the block has been around the block a couple of times and still looks like a million bucks. At Milan Fashion Week in 2019, Jennifer Lopez sashayed down the runway in a revamp of her iconic Versace green dress which she wore to the Grammys. It was like we were transported back in time and suddenly it was 2000 again. The dress was iconic and so was her walk but what was more iconic was the idea that the dress stood for. Back in 2000 when Jlo first wore this barely-there chiffon printed number to the music awards, it shook the world up. Everyone was looking for a picture of her in this dress, and because there were so many search queries, it drove the google team to start google Images because they realised, only text wasn’t going to be enough. This is a favourite moment for fashion because it showed us the impact of an otherwise frivolous industry on a global scale. So in true google style, once the models walked through the runway, a search bar appeared with “Okay Google, show me the Versace jungle dress,” and there were images of the dress from back in 2000 spread through the screen. Then there was another search bar with, “Okay Google, show me the real Versace jungle dress,” and then we saw Jlo appear recreating and making history at the same time. ICONIC!

Team hip dips


So this one isn’t about something she wore, but something she represented. After beauty, Rihanna’s Fenty made its way into the fashion spectrum around June 2019. She debuted her collection with a popup in New York and that made the world fall in love with her a little more. From the beginning, RiRi has always been vocal about what she stands for and is all-inclusive without any exceptions. So when people entered the pop up instead of seeing mannequins that showcased the sample sizes, there were life-like mannequins wearing Fenty’s first-ever fashion line. The mannequin had hip dips, full breasts, a little belly, thighs and if it were alive, it wouldn’t discriminate against pies. Twitter blew up when pictures of the mannequins started circulating. Women were ecstatic to see a body type that was just like theirs. That day the world heard her loud and clear, she believed in diversity and inclusivity. 

Tuxedo gown for the win


Speaking of inclusivity and diversity, a lot of celebrities are breaking gender norms and making their own paths when it comes to fashion. Harry Styles comfortably sports a manicure at events and he has seamlessly gone into a gender-fluid space; Ezra Miller, Billie Eilish, and Jonathan Van Ness all have their take on non-conforming fashion. Billy Porter is known for this iconic style and his OTT sense of fashion which we love him for. We saw him at the Oscars in 2019 in a tuxedo gown breaking all the rules (if there were any). With men usually opting for a suit and women usually wearing gowns, Billy decided to wear them both and he looked amazing. His tuxedo gown was by Christian Siriano. Without talking as much it raised some hard-hitting questions about the “norms” of feminine and masculine dressing. All in all, it was a powerful statement about freedom of expression. 

Fashion is so transcendent and it can really make the world notice and make statements, but with just a little bit of flair.

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