Fnatic’s best gaming keyboard is on sale yet again

Fourth time’s a charm, as they say, because yep, it’s deal time once again for our best gaming keyboard champion, the excellent Fnatic Streak. It’s down to £95 as part of Amazon’s July Summer Sale, making it a better bargain than its tenkeyless cousin, the £100 Fnatic miniStreak.

Alas, it would appear that Amazon have stopped selling the Cherry MX Silent Red version of Fnatic’s superb mechanical keyboard, as the £95 deal only applies to the Cherry MX Brown and Blue models, which I’ve listed below. Still, considering this full-sized keyboard normally costs around £120, this is a decent saving for anyone after the best gaming keyboard around.

Yes, eagle-eyed Fnatic Steak deals hunters will probably notice that this isn’t technically the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon. It dropped to an all-time low of £65 back at the end of January for a couple of days, then it fell to £75 at the end of February, and then dropped to £90 at the end of March.

Still, while its deal price may have been steadily rising over the course of the last six months, there’s still a lot to like about this top notch mechanical keyboard. It’s reasonably good-looking for starters, with lovely rounded edges and an attractive, slim aluminium chassis, and it also comes with the world’s comfiest wrist rest, too.

As for which type of Cherry MX switch you should go for, I’m very much of the opinion that Cherry MX Brown switches offer the best balance between typing feel and fast gaming clacks, and I genuinely prefer them to the straight up and down motions of Cherry’s MX Silent Red and very, very loud Cherry MX Blue switches. They’re a teensy bit slower than Silent Reds due to having a small tactile bump when you press them down, but they are a lot more pleasant to type on if you use your PC for things other than playing games.

Other gaming keyboards are, of course, available, and you can find more options in our best gaming keyboard rankings. If you are looking for another keyboard deal that’s specifically from Amazon’s Summer Sale, though, then the Steelseries Apex 7 is also discounted at the moment, albeit for a lot more than the Fnatic Streak at £150, down from £210.

This is the cheapest the Cherry MX Brown version of Steelseries’ premium gaming keyboard has ever been according to my price tracker, although part of the reason why it’s still another £55 more than the Fnatic Streak is because it comes with a small OLED display in the top corner, which can be used to display Discord messages, song information, GIFs, volume levels and other bits of game info from supported games such as CS:GO and Dota 2 if that’s your kind of bag. There’s also a Cherry MX Red model going for £140, too.

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