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Man’s best friend: Little Olivia Sainz has some serious canine talent

Seeing drivers in race suits, wearing custom-designed helmets and celebrating on the podium may have been put on hold for now.

But that doesn’t mean a total lack of Formula 1 content. It’s just a bit… different.

And by different, we mean bizarre.

As lockdown restrictions continue around the world, here’s part two of how some drivers have been keeping entertained in isolation…

F1 fancy dress

The under-25s of the Formula 1 grid have been letting fans into their lockdown lives on a daily basis, with Charles Leclerc the biggest online star.

Ferrari’s young gun has become a permanent fixture on the live streaming platform Twitch, playing a mixture of games and lifting the spirits of his subscribers from sunrise to sunset.

As well as virtual trucking across the UK and racing souped-up lawnmowers around famous tracks, Leclerc has also dabbled in some Fortnite action with Barcelona and France striker, Antoine Griezmann.

Following the stream with Griezmann, a fan kindly sent the 22-year-old a banana costume in honour of the Fortnite character, Peely.

With a reputation as a future world champion contender at stake, Leclerc politely declined to give it go at first.

But in the end, not even a Scuderia driver can resist a spot of dressing up, and so Leclerc decked out as a banana will forever be on the internet.

Fitness with a difference

Do you want to see a 40-year-old man bounce along on a row of trampolines?

“Not right now, thanks” would probably be your answer.

What if it was Kimi Raikkonen jumping up and down like a kid at a birthday party?

“Absolutely. Press play now.”

There’s something strangely hypnotic in seeing the 2007 world champion joyfully bouncing back and forth before your very eyes.

Well, as joyful as you can be for Kimi.

George Russell has gone to the next level in pursuit of the ultimate at-home workout.

As if the standard plank position wasn’t hard enough, the 22-year-old displayed this punishing version with a little help from his fitness coach, who is staying with the Williams driver at his parents’ home during lockdown.

Once again during an F1 workout, the ever increasing neck muscles take a serious hit.

Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any official name given to this style of planking, so ‘The Egyptian Mummy Neck Plank’ is all yours, George.

Show us your skills

Lockdown has seen many stay-at-home sport stars take on a challenge or two to keep busy.

As Formula 1 doesn’t quite lend itself to an indoor activity, drivers have had to look elsewhere to get in on the action.

Lando Norris chose to have a go at the BBC’s Big Night Spin challenge, where participants spin around 10 times and attempt to kick a football, hit a cricket stump, swing a golf club, or anything else sport-related they can get their hands on.

Norris went for the footie option – complete with McLaren helmets for goal posts – and was perhaps lucky not to a) smash a window or b) break an ankle in the process.

Over on the other side of the world…

Daniel Ricciardo may have inadvertently created a brand new challenge all by himself.

The Renault man showed off his throwing prowess by successfully chucking a water bottle into a bin on the back of a moving truck.

Maybe give this one a miss during your own bin collection if you don’t live on a sprawling Australian farm like Ricciardo.

And finally…

A sure-fire crowd pleaser on social media is to post a video of a beloved pet.

If said pet can then perform a special talent on cue, then you’ve got a certified viral hit on your hands.

There may have been a few tuning issues for Carlos Sainz’s dog Olivia to begin with but by the time ‘Heart and Soul’ kicks in, she’s cracked it.

A duet of Sainz’s favourite ‘Smooth Operator’ could be on the cards soon.

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