Fornite’s cars have arrived

It’s time to collect your driving licence, because Fortnite‘s Joyride update just added some shiny new vehicles for you to race around in. There are four cars/trucks for players to find across the battle royale now, each allowing you to pick up your buds, hang out the windows and cause some carnage. You can even stick on their radios for a little sing-along if you fancy.

The last time I played Fortnite, the game’s only ‘vehicles’ were trollies, so I think it’s safe to say the game has come a pretty long way with this update.

The vehicles wot can be found across the island in Fortnite today include the Prevalent city car, the Bear pickup truck, the Whiplash sporty car, and my personal favourite, the Mudflap, the beefy truck which looks like Optimus Prime with a paint job.

While you can find all these throughout the map, you won’t be able to make them go without fuel, of course. That’s why there are now gas pumps around the island, too, so you can make a quick stop if you’re running low. There are also throwable gas cans littered about now, which you can fill up from the pumps and carry with you so you don’t have to stop as often. Just like in real life, really. Except, wait no, don’t throw gas cans in real life, please.

The vehicles’ radios seem to play a mixture of music from in-game, as well as some licensed music (streamers beware). Here’s one of the new cars in action, featuring a lovely song by Ariana Grande:

Check out the rest of the update details right here. Happy joyriding!

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