Fragging Free Remastered (v1.3) – Windows Release

We are proud to release Fragging Free Remastered!
It contains countless improvements over the last 10-years old version (see more in the previous article).

Please remove older versions before installing.

Fragging Free Remastered (v1.3)

Special thanks to Simo-K for testing the game so thoroughly!

We’ve thrown together a video at the last minute. Enjoy!

High-quality soundtrack released!

Neurological released an high-quality version of the soundtrack to celebrate the remaster. 🙂
Check it out on Bandcamp and Youtube!

Note for Linux users

We have an experimental Linux build. Contact us if you are willing to help testing!
We’re also working on a dhewm3 port. Stay tuned for updates!

Porting other custom maps/campaigns to FF

Let us know your favorite custom map/campaign that you’d like to play in FF!
We may port them over, provided that it’s technically possible and the author agrees 🙂

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