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Flow’s Island is a multiplayer game in which the player impersonates a stray dog, abandoned on a mysterious island, inhabited by ancient tribes. Survive on the island exploring, hunting and completing missions, acquire points to customize your dog and improve its characteristics.

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Flow’s Island has a vast environment in which you must survive. Look for water, food, healing plants and hunt prey to avoid death. But this is only the beginning. Participate in environment-driven missions to earn points to improve your character and unlock skins or personalizations permanently.

  • Life – Hunger – Thirst – Instinct – Smell
  • Stress system and stressing agent (like rain, snow, sand, heat, cold etc…)
  • Healing system through ingestion of healing plants
  • Carrying small carcasses from preys (to eat elsewhere or share with others)
  • PvE combat system
  • Temporary refuge building system
  • Personalization (skins, accessories)
  • Titles, reputations, experience points and tokens to spend
  • Daily Quest
  • Arenas where to go to fight
  • System of gaining/losing various titles/reputation (read below for details)
  • Aggressive animals scattered throughout the game world and events with monstrous threats to be defeated by cooperating.

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