From shapewear, footwear to jewellery: 6 Fashion items that are secretly DAMAGING to health – PINKVILLA

Everyday items including flip flops and tight jeans are harmful for health! Read on to find out why. 

Now that everybody is home and going on cleaning sprees, emptying out wardrobes and getting rid of stuff they haven’t worn since ages, it is time to talk about what more to get rid of. It is not just the outfits and accessories you haven’t worn for decades, that need to be discarded, but also everyday items that are actually damaging your health. Yes, there are things in the closet that we wear on usual days that does everything from giving backaches to increasing the risk of nerve damage, that are present in the closet.

These are the items that are more damaging to health, than you imagined

High heels/Stilettos 
High heels are known to cause joint pain, osteoarthritis, back problems and also increase the risk of nerve damage. Almost every woman owns at least one pair of high heels and wears them without knowing the damage they can do. While they are best avoided, if you can’t do without them, go for kitten heels instead. 

Sure, it enhances your curves, but shapewear is known to cause issues like acid reflux. All the squeezing of your body can also affect your blood circulation, cause muscle pain and shortness of breath as well! Rather than shapewear, pick something wtih elastic like cycling shorts, that can help in looking shapely too. 

Skinny jeans
Since it does exactly what its name suggests, skinny jeans are a favourite for they make one look slimmer. But the unfortunate truth is that these tight pants affect blood circulation and can also dilate veins and lead to muscle damage in the legs, waist and hips of the body. Instead, pick out tailored jeans that accentuate the figure while also giving your body room to breathe. 

Pencil Skirts 
They go below the knees, making walking a task. Pencil skirts are also known to risk malformation of the knees and put strain on the muscles as they clamp the legs. Wearing these skirts also leads to chaffing of the thighs, disc problems due to trouble in bending and more. 

Heavy Jewellery 
Wearing heavy jewellery like earrings puts lot of pressure on your earlobes expanding them and stretching them at the same time. Similarly, statement neckpieces have a similar harmful effect on the posture and put pressure on the neck as they are extremely heavy. 

Flip Flops
Sure they seem comfortable to walk in and are perfect for the beach, but flip flops can cause heel pain, back pain and other orthopedic problems as they have no support. They also expose the feet to bacterial and viruses and can trigger fungi infections. Thicker soles with better cushioning are better for the feet as compared to flip flops. 

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