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Fashion brands want you to know they care about the environment. From luxury to streetwear, companies are rushing to push out new “environmental protection” initiatives, make transparency promises and announce new programs to facilitate a more circular economy. But how do you separate meaningful action from a savvy marketing tactic?

Enter FUTUREVVORLD, a new digital destination which aims to shine a light how on sustainable practices are taking effect across fashion, footwear and other branches of culture. Founded by Daniel Navetta and Allen Zelden, FUTUREVVORLD aims to provide a space the environmentally-conscious fashion set to gather and learn, while striving improve the industry’s awareness of — and kindness to — the planet.

Through investigative journalism, thoughtful design and image making, and other means of creative storytelling, the hub is hoping a more informed base of customers will be what it takes to move the needle.

“In my efforts to accelerate the growth and awareness of more ethical and sustainable food choices, I found that there was no single destination reporting on more responsible material choices within the fashion and apparel sector,” explains Zelden.

“In many ways, the fashion and footwear industries mirror our food system, from issues around sourcing and supply chains, to waste. With greater awareness of the textile industry’s harmful environmental impact and exploitative work practices, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar exponential interest and investment in improved textile and material alternatives as well.”

Learn more about FUTUREVVORLD and keep up with its projects on the hub’s website and Instagram.

HYPEBEAST recently spoke to several industry leaders about the state of sustainable fashion and what real, substantive change ought to look like in the years ahead.

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