Game develop 08.07.20

At the moment I’m adding a complete game card generator. It is able to download any maps (users can even write their own if necessary through a special editor), it supports: land, water, forests, mountains, AI component (cities, castles and their owners). Cards can be of almost any size,
they do not load the game process itself and require only space in the game folder.

After that, I’ll take care of just the same AI component, as well as the graphical interface (this implies game tasks, characters and, in general, all game content).

Almost all game mechanics are thought out, some are already written.
It remains to test everything together and add a ready-made soundtrack.

Oh yes. The game can easily be translated into any language, but more on that later.

This is all very concise. It looks easy, but in fact it is not easy.

Will I be able to finish everything by the end of the month and release the full version?

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