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Wed cofounders Evan Phillips and Amy Trinh.  Courtesy Photo

During this unprecedented time, Wed cofounders Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips express their feelings of hopefulness under quarantine. With the current state of fashion in question, the designers remain optimistic the industry will address its problems and remain confident in their work. This time has brought them room to appreciate the simple joys of life, which has allowed them to appreciate their design process that much more. The duo’s brand of custom-made Surrealist bridalwear and eveningwear embodies innovative drapes. Here, the designers talk about their approach to creating their own rules and their sustainable developments. 

WWD: Given the circumstances, how have you found inspirations these days?

Evan Phillips: As I am back home for a bit, I’ve had the chance to look through the stacks of old books that I keep here, which has been inspiring as I’ve not looked through many of them since I was a student! 

Amy Trinh: I find inspiration on my family WhatsApp group where my siblings send pictures and videos of my niece and nephews. We are forever inspired by drape techniques and historical references; these play a huge part in our aesthetic. 

A look from Wed.  Courtesy Photo

WWD: Right now, are there any special mementos you stand by? What would you advise your future self and brand to be?

E.P.: I think we have both really opened our minds to how the brand could function by its own rules without following the rigid guidelines that have been set out by a lot of the industry. Everyone will offer you a different opinion, so it’s really important to hold onto what is at the heart of the brand.

A.T.: My advice would be to draw out my own path and for the brand. It does not need to follow any existing fashion model, as we are offering something different. I advise to keep collections concise, sustainably minded, practical and to keep the feeling of “something special” in everything we make.

WWD: Moving forward, what are your plans for the future?

E.P:. For the future, we are addressing whether the system and schedules are suited to us. We want to make sure we are doing what we love and creating things that people love. It is not just a purchase that only makes sense for a season, trend or for quick kicks. It goes way beyond that for us, it is the feeling when you know you will take care of that garment like you would an heirloom and you know you would wear it again and again as it surpasses any fleeting trend. We plan to work closely with customers and develop our bespoke services as we find this one of the most fulfilling parts of our job. We want to continue to create in a way that is sustainable — for ourselves, our health and for the growth of the business!

A look from Wed.  Courtesy Photo

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