Goodbye Race-X, Welcome Radiated!

Goodbye Race-X, Welcome Radiated!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an article on here this big. I apologize to the people that have been waiting patiently for the past 3 years but development has completely stopped and won’t continue sometime after our new project ‘Radiated’ releases.

I’ve been working on the new project since lockdown started in the U.K. I showed the team the story and the concept and they really liked it. So we’ve started mapping and we are getting to a point where everything is looking pretty good so we decided to release this trailer to you all!

Announcement Trailer:

Unedited Gameplay:

[embedded content]

After watching those two and your still wondering what this is all about I’ll give you a quick summary:

Radiated is a Half-Life 2: Episode 2 modification set in the ruins of City 17 post Episode One. You are Daniel Jackson a rebel that was left behind. You must find a way out of the City and stop the combine from using a device named ‘The Beacon’. The mod is 4 chapters long.

Join our Discord to see early progress of the mod:

Hope everyone is staying safe!
Syph0 -Community Lead and Lead Writer for Radiated-

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